Ultimate Guide to a Clean Shave – Best Tips to Achieve The Perfect Clean Shave

Ultimate Guide to a Clean Shave – Best Tips to Achieve The Perfect Clean Shave

(Last Updated On: 1st February 2017)

Are you tired of the same mistakes while shaving? Do you still see part of stubble after shaving? Are you feeling irritated with your scruffy beard and scratchy skin? Don’t worry! There are some cool tips and tricks to achieve that amazing clean shave you were trying for, again and again.

A smooth shave states a razor bump free, chafe-less skin which is devoid of any irritation. These guidelines are key to a perfectly clean shave.

Simple steps and tips to follow for a perfectly clean shave:

  • Don’t try for dry:

Avoid shaving when your beard is dry. A dry beard is one of the primary reasons for an irritated after-experience for any skin. Thoroughly wetting your face or opting for a shower beforehand makes the facial hair swell, helping to give a smooth shave.Ultimate Guide to a clean shave - Best tips to follow

  • The cream is in:

Using a good quality shaving cream can lead to an abrasion-free skin. Most foaming creams lathers to give a friction-less effect for an easy shave. Using a dollop of shaving cream will give a rich texture and a sleek facial hair removal.

  • Brush out the Mess:

A shaving brush is the best tool to achieve that clean, beard-free face. A shaving brush helps to spread your shaving cream evenly, giving a mild exfoliation. On shaving off, the skin looks clean as dead skin cells get removed as well.

  • Razor Blazer:

The main secret to a superb shave lies in the quality of a razor. A sharp razor not only removes facial hairs but it also scours out the upper dead skin layer giving a clean and fresh look. For a better effect, wash your razor before shaving and in between to clean the accumulated hair.

  • Shaving Secret:

Ultimate guide to a perfectly clean shave - Simple steps to follow

The best method for a perfect shave is to go with correct technique of shaving. Starting to shave towards the direction of hair growth is an ideal solution. Beginning to shave from the sides and then moving towards the mustache area, and finally towards the chin area is the best way.

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  • Cleanse it out:

A face is extremely sensitive and vulnerable after a shave. The scraped out upper layer of skin and open pores after shaving, make the skin prone to bacterial infection.

To protect the skin from getting infected, washing the face with a face wash or soap is an absolute must. After cleaning the face, pat the skin dry. Rubbing your face with a towel can only aggravate your skin. So remember, just pat it dry.

  • After shave for a complete look:

With all the hustle and bustle of cleaning off the beard, the skin goes through a rigorous tug of war. Facial skin being the most sensitive part of the body, needs some extra care.

Application of an after shave can provide that extra care. A good quality aftershave not only provides soothing sensation but also decreases the redness after shaving off the beard.

It gives complete moisturization, eliminating any further chance of facial inflammation. Any aftershave lotion, gel or even alum can provide that rich finish.

On An Extra Note:

  1. Try to keep your skin grime-free. A healthy skin, free of zits and boils help in a smooth shave. Try using cleansers available in retail stores, once a week for clear skin.
  2. Before shaving, moisten your face with lukewarm water instead of cold. It will loosen the pores making shaving easier.
  3. After quick shave, splash your face with cold water or run an ice cube to close all the open pores for a flawless looking jawline.
  4. If you don’t have any aftershave handy, make your own. Applying a concoction of 3 to 4 drops of honey with an equal amount of water over the jawline and washing it off after a minute or two will give the same benefits of an aftershave lotion.

Well, these are the key points to keep in mind before shaving. A good manual razor as well an electric razor is enough to achieve that boy next door look. Don’t just wait. Use these cool tips and be that chocolate boy of your town.

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