Trimmer vs Shaver – which is the better shaving device?

Trimmer vs Shaver – which is the better shaving device?

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

“A man is known by the beard he keeps, a lady is judged by the skin she wears.” In this tug of war between trim and shave let’s see who wins it! Here, you would get to know the difference between Trimmer vs Shaver – which is the better shaving device?

If we are to choose side for what suits better, first of all knowing the pros and cons are vital.

Which is the better shaving device between Trimmer and Shaver?


Which is the best shaving device - Trimmer vs shaver

There are some excellent features packed in for removing and shaping hair conveniently:

  • Special attachments like combs are given. It is for shaping according to the length one wants.
  • These have self sharpening blades.
  • Both speed and length settings can be controlled.
  • The pivoting head enhances flexible movements.

Another paramount feature of trimmer is that it is designed in different ways to solve the purpose of removing the body hair more conveniently.

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Shavers are of two types – Manual and Electric. For a start, see how electric shavers function and their features as trimmers are not manual. This would help in creating a closer comparison.

Trimmer vs shaver - which is the best shaving device and preferred one in India

Electric shavers have come up with modern specifications for better convenience:

  • Foil shaver head: These have a series of knives hidden under the surface of a rectangular metallic foil, intended to pull facial hairs and guide them close to the vibrating blades.
  • Rotary blades: The shave head usually has more than 2 blades which move in a circulatory motion high speed. The blades are typically placed in a triangular manner so that hair can be removed from a larger area at a time
  • They have a three blade technology which increases the closeness of shaving.
  • Head of a shaver can be directed as per need.
  • It removes the hair as close as possible, giving a clean look.

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Some typical and common specifications of trimmers and electric shavers:

There are some features of trimmers and electric shavers which function in the similar manner:

  • They are more users friendly and provide a good grip.
  • They don’t give cuts and scratches on any body part.
  • These are gentle and cause no harm like allergies, rashes or skin irritation.
  • Both are rechargeable.

There are some major differences too that help us to understand which one is more suitable:

  • Trimmer shapes the hair; shavers remove them more closely from the skin.
  • Electric shavers also exfoliate dead and dry cells unlike trimmers.
  • Trimmers can be used for styling as per their comb attachments; shavers are not provided with any such facility.
  • Trimmers can be both rechargeable batteries operated and corded, but electric shavers are mostly battery operated.

The exclusive feature of trimmer as stated earlier is that it comes in various designs and settings to serve the purpose of removing hair from different body parts. Shavers are of only one design that is to be used for hair removal.

Before finalizing the best shaving device between shaver and trimmer,it would be good if you know various types of trimmers and shavers available,which could help you to make the right decision.

Different types of trimmers :

  • Hair trimmers:

These trimmers are usually of standard size, which helps in clearing large area at a time.

  • Beard trimmers:

These trimmers are used in shaping the facial hair. They have different settings as per the styling requirement of the person. It can keep their beard long, short or stubble.

  • Ear and Nose Trimmer:

This is an exclusively designed trimmer with special blades to cut the internal parts of human body like ears and nose. The same can be used for eyebrow shaping.

  • Bikini Trimmers:

The private parts need more attention and a better viable design for conveniently hair removing. Bikini trimmers solve this purpose properly.

Types of shavers:

Shavers do not have specific designs for different body parts. The working of shavers are categorized as following:


Manual shavers are razors. No charging, battery or electricity is involved. This had been in the market for the longest time. With the usage of shaving gel or cream, razor removes the hair from the area entirely. But since manual blades are involved; there are chances of getting cuts and scratches.

  • Straight razor – They are usually the cheapest but, not very user friendly. This product is outdated.
  • Safety razor – Let’s call it the ‘medieval’ type which is made up of steel and a complete blade is to be put in before using. Razor blades are removable.
  • Cartridge razor – It is the modern form of manual razor with better safety and shaving convenience.


Another type is electrical shavers which we have covered earlier during the discussion.They helps you to get a clean shave easily with out working out much.

As you could see ,though Trimmer and Shaver have some common features,they will be used for different purposes and one could pick according to their need. Getting a clean shave is your only requirement,then go for shavers and to get different styles to your beard and to only trim your hair,go for trimmers.

Now it’s upon you to decide, as per your requirement, which one is better!

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