Remington Battery Operated Lady Shaver Review

Remington Battery Operated Lady Shaver Review

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

Every woman at some point of time has faced the difficulty of removing unwanted hair from their body. After the launch of trimmers, epilators, ready made waxing strips, razors and shaving products, it has brought them some aid.

But the problem that they face now is most of the products which are for women are not very effective, or the efficient ones are either for men or unisex. But with the Remington battery operated lady shaver ,women can confidently celebrate their freedom from unwanted body hair.

About Remington Lady Shaver:

Remington battery operated lady shaver review

Remington’s lady shaver can be used by girls from age sixteen on wards. It is very easy to use and is skin friendly. It has a strip of almond oil which adds moisture to the skin. It can be utilized as trimmer, shaper as well as shaver with its three head attachments.

The light weight and size of this product makes it portable and handy to use. This makes it a one in all hair removal product for the entire body for women.

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Remington Women’s shaver – Exclusive features/ specifications:

Some new features available in this battery operated shaver for ladies are better than the other available hair removal products.

  • Design and Material:

Body of this shaver is made up of high quality plastic and the sleek structure increases the grip.

  • Blades:

Stainless steel is used for the blades. In Foil shaver, two hypoallergenic floating foils are used. This helps in preventing the skin from cuts and scratches. Three heads are available with this model which performs closer elimination of hair even from the private parts of the body conveniently.

  • Battery:

Two AAA battery is needed for its operation which is included. This is a cordless model.The battery is rechargeable and can be used for 30 min at a stretch.


Bikini trimming comb is attached. It can be used on both wet and dry skin. A brush is provided for stress-free cleaning.

Remington Battery Operated Lady Shaver Review:


Apart from hair removing , this lady shaver can work as a dead cells exfoliator, smoothing and toning of dermal layer. It can be used as a blemish corrector as well as pigmentation reducer.

The motion of this shaver activates the tissues and increases blood flow, which results is naturally shiny skin.  It helps to reduce tanned and flaky skin. This certainly serves as a skin care package.


There are very few problems of this shaver as one cannot expect a result like waxing. For beginners, it may take some time to use accurately and quickly.


User Reviews – What women say about this Remington lady shaver?

We have checked some of the reviews users have placed across online portals in India and could see that majority of women have absolutely loved this product and have given all positive feedback. The problems had been faced earlier but now it’s no more an issue. An overwhelming comment was received from a user that now she doesn’t have to visit the salon and then for removing hair and she can do this whenever it is convenient for her.


Women have highly recommended this product to others. One also mentioned that its so easy to carry that they can pack any dress for their vacation without worrying about unwanted hair being visible or an uneven prickly skin.Remington battery operated lady shaver will be your skin’s best friend!

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