Razor with Blade vs Electrical Shaver – which one works for whom?

Razor with Blade vs Electrical Shaver – which one works for whom?

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

From trying to decide between a double edge safety razor and multiple blade razors, now you can throw the electrical shaver into the mix too. If you want to mix up your shaving styles and try something new then you should definitely read further on to find out more!

It is important to know what you are investing in. Skin can be very sensitive, so you should know exactly what you’re getting before you have unwarranted skin ailments or breakouts.

Razors with blades – What you need to know :

Razors with blades are the classic modes of shaving. You have a choice between fixed double edge safety razors that are mostly used by men, as well as, razors with detachable blades that you can throw out and replace.

These are ideal for close shaves and shaving your face, neck, hands and legs. While there are many options to choose one, finding one perfect for you will not be hard or difficult.

Pros of razor with blades:

  • You can get a close/smooth shave that lasts longer.
  • They are uncomplicated and easy to use.
  • Blades and the bodies can be easily replaced at low prices.
  • Disposable blades are available for term use.
  • They are much easier to clean and lighter to carry when travelling.
  • It is easier to go to ,hard to reach places like right under your nose.

Cons of razors with blades:

  • It takes longer to use a razor like this because you have to be more careful and precise when shaving.
  • Blades much be frequently replaced because they wear out after a couple of shaves.
  • Sometimes you will need to go over a spot repeatedly in order to remove the hair properly.
  • It is more likely, that accidents will occur; you may cut or nick yourself.
  • Shaving with this kind of blade can be dangerous and lead to infections if you’re not careful or have sensitive skin.

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Electric Shavers – What you need to know:

There are many different types of electric shavers available in the markets these days. So, it is understandable that choosing one may be difficult.

Even electric shavers come with different blade settings for different reasons. Some razors are meant for shaving heads, while others are meant for daily use like shaving beards.

There are rotary and foil blade models, the choice you make depends on the length of hair that you want to shave and the kind of shave that you expect.

Rotary blades usually have combs attached to them that give you rugged looks with a nice stubble. But if you want a closer shave then you should opt for a wet or dry foil blade model.

Pros of electric shavers:

  • They are quicker and easier to use when you’re in a hurry or late for a meeting.
  • You can have a gentler shave because you will not need to go over the same spot multiple times. Thus, preventing razor burn at any time.
  • They are more portable and regularly allowed on flights, as opposed to regular razors that are banned.
  • Most of these razors come with multi-purpose blades so you can shave your beard and neck.
  • There are less chances of cutting yourself or nicking your skin.
  • It is also a lot easier to tackle body hair with this kind of razor, since you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin or hurting yourself.
  • It is ideal for people with sensitive, acne prone skin.

Cons of Electric shavers:

  • Frequent shaving is the only possible way of getting close to smooth shave.
  • Can only be used if there is an electrical circuit available or a rechargeable battery.
  • They cannot be used in the shower.
  • They require more attention in terms of maintenance and cleaning.
  • They are costly in comparison with razors

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Which is right shaving machine for you – Razor with Blade vs Electrical Shaver?

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of razor with blade and electric shaver,you can decide which one suites for you.

If you prefer very clean shave all the times then razor with blade suites you, but you need to handle carefully.If you are newly starting out or want to have a modern and easy to use shaving machine then you could go for electric shaver.

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