Premium Beard Trimmer costing above Rupees 5000 in India 2021

Premium Beard Trimmer costing above Rupees 5000 in India 2021

(Last Updated On: 19th December 2020)

Premium beard trimmers are specially designed to make beard trimming a smooth and non-tedious affair. You can use them to achieve different styles and looks on your beard, moustache or sideburn at home, with very less effort. A beard trimmer is different from an electric shaver in that they only trim hair up to 1 millimetre in length.

People who love and treat their beards like a prized possession should definitely invest in a good quality beard trimmer.

Give up the traditional method of styling your beard using a pair of scissors. The following 6 Beard Trimmers with cost above 5000 rupees in India are sophisticated pieces of styling equipment and are worth their price.

Best Premium Beard Trimmers with cost above 5000 Rupees in India 2021:

#1.Philips BT9280/15 Waterproof Beard Trimmer:

Best premium quality beard trimmers for men in India

Available in two colours, Black and Silver, the BT9280/15 features the world’s very first laser guidance system to guide you to create a specific trimming alignment in order to trim in precise areas.

A clear LED display indicates your chosen length setting. You can have a 3-day beard every day and always look like a star.

It has a Detail comb as well as a Beard comb to neatly create sharp edges.


#2.Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer for Men:

top quality expensive beard trimmers for men with cost above 5000 rupees in India

This product is available in different colours and has a number of special features for it’s cost.

It promises to deliver 4 times the precision obtained from other trimmers.

It also has an innovative Slide & Style system that you can use to style your beard when the comb is up, with just a simple slide.

The blades of this shaver are ultra-sharp and are built to last.


#3.Wahl 8841-724 Beret Li-Ion Trimmer – Sterling:

top 6 best premium men's beard trimmer to buy online in India

This premium Wahl shaver features a rechargeable battery.

The motor integrated into this shaver is powerful and renders it a long and useful life.

You can trim to your hearts content using the 4 different comb attachments that help achieve styles and shapes on your facial hair.

Easily maintain your stubble with this efficient Wahl trimmer.


#4.Babyliss Ipro E960E Hair and Beard Clipper:

Best expensive men's beard trimmer to buy in India with cost above 5k

The Babyliss Ipro E960E, though an unheard of trimmer brand, is a very powerful device available in India.

It has a powerful motor that effectively performs the task of trimming and styling your facial hair to a degree of perfection.

The device is covered by a whopping 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty so this is definitely a worthy product to invest in.


#5.Andis RT1 High-Precision Rotary Motor Superliner Trimmer with T-Edge Blade:

top 6 best expensive men's beard trimmers to buy in India

Another less-known brand yet, efficient beard trimmer built with high quality carbon steel blades, closely spaced together for expert cutting.

This trimmer needs to be oiled regularly. It also has a less noisy, yet powerful motor and the device itself is quite easy to hold and manoeuver.

It looks sleek and stylish and is quite an amazing device.


#6.Remington MB4030 Contour Hair and Beard Trimmer:

Good quality and popular branded beard trimmers with cost above 5000 rupees in India

The Remington MB4030 has pretty advanced blades that are coated with ceramic and are micro serrated to perform a clean, smooth and excellent job.

It makes tolerable noise and has been shaped with rounded corners and is devoid of sharp edges that may hurt you.

This is a totally maintenance-free trimmer and one that feels good to use and hold.


These are top 6 expensive beard trimmers for men you could find online in India. These are not preferred trimmers by many due to high cost and are suitable only for people who prefer high cost quality devices from reputable brands.


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