Philips S7320/12 Aqua Touch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Review

Philips S7320/12 Aqua Touch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Review

(Last Updated On: 18th December 2019)

Tired over fighting with the old shaver every day? Getting cuts and nicks on the face while shaving? Well, it’s time to move over the old traditional shavers and adopt the new Philips S7320/12 Aqua touch wet and dry shaver. Shaving has posed to be a huge problem to men who have to reserve hours to get a smooth and clean shave without getting cuts.

With Philips aqua touch,this is solved as one can undergo a smooth shaving and makes the entire procedure quite easy.

The shaver glides well over the face and works its magic while giving the optimum user experience. This grooming device can help attain any look one desires, effortlessly.

Philips S7320/12 aqua touch wet and dry electric shaver –

Hassle free shaving experience :

Philips S7320/12 aqua touch wet and dry electric shaver with aqua tec wet and dry review

With Philips Aqua Touch, it is easy for men to live behind the Neanderthal way of shaving their beard and adopt a new technology that makes shaving a pleasant experience.

Get over the itchy skin, filled with rashes and there is no need any more to worry about sensitive skin.

It is equipped with comfort rings, unique to its kind, with an anti-friction microbeads coating, thus ensuring a smooth shave.

The shaver provides an incredibly close shave and can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

Aqua touch wet and dry electric shaver features:

The Philips aqua touch provides a pleasant shave with its various features. They are:

  • Easy to use with its intuitive technology for display.
  • Consists comfort rings which provides the least resistance while shaving, thus leaving the skin smooth.
  • Accompanied with a smart click trimmer to sport any look.
  • 5 direction dynamic flex heads which allow for an easier shave as it gets acquainted with every curve of the face and makes shaving effortless.
  • Consists of a dual blade which provides a close shave as it lifts the hair and cut it.
  • Comprises of gentle precision blades which gives a close shave without making any cuts.
  • Allows almost 50 minutes of shaving, without charging.
  • Can be used both dry and wet.
  • Comprises of 1 level battery indicator along with a cleaning replacement, battery and travel lock indicators.


Philips aqua touch Review : The sensitive device for your sensitive skin

The Philips aqua touch provides a clean shave and cuts both long and short stubble. It is easy to use because of its ergonomic design and can work wonders on the skin when used dry for a quick shave and even when lathered with foam.

When charged for around one hour, the strong battery lasts up to 50 minutes. The shaver can be washed immediately under running water to clean it and with just 3 minutes of fast charge, it can provide with a quick shave.

It covers the entire face and neck and is capable of exploring each nook and corner with ease.  For a moustache, get the trimmer which comes with it to maintain any look.


User’s opinion – What people say about the S7320/12 electric shaver from Philips brand:

The Philips s7320/12 Aqua Touch has appealed to many users for its innumerable features. It is popular because of its easy to use features as it gives a clean and smooth look to the face.Many have even praised it saying that it has reduced the occurrence of rashes after shaving.

So, get the Philips Aqua touch and be in sync with the current trending styles while at the same time experiencing a smooth skin.


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