Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Review

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Review

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

To keep up with the trending changes in style, the equipment need to be updated too. Shavers and Razors are for old lads; trimmers are for modern men! There are many trimmers available in the market but, can all be reliable and efficient?

Here, in Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Review,you will get to know more about that in detail.

About Philips Trimmers:

Philips has a broad range of electronic products for styling. Every year Philips launches something new keeping customers’ requirements in mind. For their practical designs and efficient products,it is now one of the leading companies in the world in this field of styling.

Trimmers are the new best friends of man hair and skin. This helps in shaving, trimming and styling accordingly as per one’s wish, without the hassle of cuts and scratches. It is durable, user friendly, has stronger grip and is easy to clean too.

Now imagine both, brand trust of Philips and Technology of Trimmer has been merged. That’s where you could see Philips trimmers.

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Review:

QT4011/15 model Trimmer specifications:

Philips has come up with some of the best features that are needed to make this trimmer a perfect styling machine.

  • Both short and long beard styling can be done with different head combs and settings
  • There are 22 lengths setting with a cutter width of 32mm. Length setting range varies from 0.5mm to 10mm.
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel and are titanium coated.
  • 2 AAA Ni-MH batteries are needed for its functioning.
  • Rechargeable batteries. Charging time is 1 hour and running time is 90 min.


The process of its cleaning is very easy as it comes with a cleaning brush. All attachments like a comb, head and blades are washable, which enhances the quotient of hygiene.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer can be called as 100% skin friendly and there is nothing to worry about allergies or rashes. There is no chance of getting nicked, plus the non-scratching teeth are an add-on.

Its design is such that the grip can be better. It has easy to select and lock settings making it much more convenient than others to use. This product comes with a warranty of 3 years, which is higher than rest of the same available in the market.

There are very few problems one might face while using. One cannot expect a completely clean shaven face. It needs to charge before for an uninterrupted use. It cannot be used on wet skin.


Customer feedback: What users say about this QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer from Philips:

Men often don’t end up being very satisfied with their styling products. But the scenario is completely different here. The feedback about Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer has been very positive among the users.

Even the professional salons and celebrities are opting for it. It’s very much visible how people have been overwhelmed by it. It’s pretty famous among women; to them it’s a perfect gift for men. Be a man model with Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer.


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