Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming Kit Review

Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming Kit Review

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

For a man who is always keeping up with the current trends, grooming is of utmost importance. Personal grooming over the years has taken the forefront, especially with men who are trying extra hard to grab the attention of women.

And what better way to do so than maintain a practice of good hygiene with proper grooming tools? With the Philips Multi grooming kit, men can achieve a lot of these grooming standards and look fabulous. With the Philips QG3387 multi grooming kit review below, men will understand the need for it.

Philips QG3387 multi grooming kit review

Get grooming with the 9-in-1 head to toe trimmer:

The Philips multi grooming kit model QG3387, is a tool devoted to men who like to look good and take care of themselves. The grooming kit consists of an all in one head to toe trimmer which comes with various attachments to remove unwanted hair, to maintain or design and is meant for different parts of the body. The kit is easy to use and is accompanied by numerous features which appeal to the men of various generations.

Features of Philips multi grooming kit:

The Philips multi grooming kit has variable features which makes it not only popular among men but also makes it a unique product to acquire. Men want products which are not only multi-functional but also save a lot on time and also make them look good. The Philips multi grooming kit is just that.


It has:

  • 5 attachments which include a trimmer for the neckline, sideburns and chin, 21 mm trimmer to create fine lines and detailed beards, a foil shaver to achieve a clean look, a rotary trimmer for ears and nose and a body groom shaver to shave any part of the body without causing any allergic reaction.
  • 4 combs which include an 18 length setting beard with moustache comb, 10 length setting body trimming comb, 12 length setting stubble combs and 18 length setting hair clipping combs.
  • A waterproofed body which is easy to clean
  • A high performance blade which is also skin friendly.
  • Good battery backup. It allows 50 minutes of use with just one hour of charging.
  • A turbo power setting to cut quickly through thick hair.
  • A pouch to easily store and travel with your kit wherever you go.


With the Philips QG3387 multi grooming kit get stubble or a defined beard:

There is no doubt that the Philips multi grooming kit is a unique tool for men. It allows men to acquire any style they want and keep it as long or short they wish it to be.

Moreover, accompanied with a pouch and its various attachments for different uses, the tool is definitely made for men who are always on the go. It’s easy to use features along with its versatility appeal to throngs of men and helps them to sport any style they want.


Customer’s feedback – What users say about this QG3387 multi grooming kit from Philips brand:

Many users have found it to be a useful tool for various purposes. It allows them to sport their abs with the groomed body shaver or just simply sport smart stubble with the help of the 21 mm trimmer attachment.

Many men have claimed it to be very effective with sensitive skin and don’t produce any rashes. Moreover, the overall response is mostly the customers who have bought it have been satisfied with their investment and considers it to be worth it.

All men want to look good and it is essential to practice good hygiene. And what better way to do so than getting this fantastic multi grooming kit and keep with the on-going trends?!


The Philips QG3387 multi grooming kit is designed for all the men out there who are aware of the current trends and follow it religiously to look smooth and dashing.

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