Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer Review

Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer Review

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

Philips believes in quality grooming with high adaptability and ease of use. The NT1150 Nose Trimmer from Philips guarantees safe and fast trimming of hair in the most sensitive areas of the body namely, the nose and ear. This product is great for quick trimming in a safe and risk-free way.

The rubber grip fits perfectly in your hand and makes it easy to navigate the device in difficult regions. For people with excess hair growing in the nose and ears, constantly rushing to the salon can be time-consuming and expensive.

Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer Review in India

Instead, you can switch to the Philips NT1150 trimmer to get rid of excess hair that may be the cause of itching and irritation.

The device is a little sensitive and may need some experience in getting used to before you stick it up in your nose or ears.

The guard system prevents damage to skin and the ideal trimming angle ensures maximum trimming of hair without pulling. Upon purchase, you will get a warranty of one year. If you register the product online, you will get an additional warranty of 1 year.

The product vibrates a lot and hence, is a little noisy. The vibrations may leave a mild ticklish sensation behind. If your nose and ear hair grow every two months, this is the best product for you.

The ticklish sensation aside, this device is equipped with ProtecTube technology that prevents skin irritation and pulling of hair.

This nose trimmer from Philips delivers exactly what it promises to. It can be cleaned thoroughly with water by either placing it under a running tap or using it in the shower.


This is not a very powerful trimmer, but it is highly sensitive, which after all, is what you need in a nose/ear trimmer to effectively remove hair. Philips products are always long lasting and are compatible with worldwide voltages.

It is battery operated and requires one single pencil AA battery. The battery must be removed and kept outside to avoid drainage. Sadly, there is no travelling storage pouch available with this device.

Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer Reviews

Both the cutter and the guard come with extra sharp and precise cutting slots. The general perception surrounding nose trimmers is that they are expensive and they hurt enough to make you bleed. But it is safe to say that Philips has dispelled all such rumours regarding nose trimmers with the NT1150.

Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer Review:


  • Very light and best suited for Travelling.
  • Fully washable and easy maintenance.
  • Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
  • Absolutely no cutting or bleeding observed.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • The body of the trimmer has a rubber finish which makes for an attractive look and provides good grip.


  • No stand available with the device.
  • Battery may automatically drain when kept inside the trimmer and stored.
  • When battery is low, the trimmer may tug and pull at hair.


The trimmer comes with a protective cap that you can use to protect the blade from dust and damage and for travelling and storage.

Although the entire body of the trimmer is waterproof, and dropping the device into a bucket of water is strictly not recommended, you can rinse off the trimming head to free it from hair. This is an excellent nose and ear hair trimmer from Philips and is highly useful in every aspect.


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