Philips Electric Shavers in India 2021- Everything you need to know about

Philips Electric Shavers in India 2021- Everything you need to know about

(Last Updated On: 29th December 2020)

A clean shaven face is always a preference for all important occasions. Whether it is a board meeting or a college reunion, a groomed clean face gives off a vibe of sophistication.

The famous five O’ look is a current craze but nothing can beat the look of a hair free jawline. Be it a glimpse of light stubble or spotting a neat French cut, an urbane look is what every man desires. To possess that refined look, Philips has launched a series of electric shavers.

An electric shaver is a saviour of both time and effort, giving the jawline a smooth finish.

Few things to consider before buying a Philips Electric Shaver in India online in 2021:

  1. Skin Protection:

These electric shavers give 10 times more protection than the regular shavers. These glide easily, adjusting according to the facial contours. 

It has round low-friction protection heads which protects the skin from nicks and cuts. It is not only a best option for a clean shaven look but also a great choice for styling beards and moustache.

  1. Convenience Factor:

These electric shavers work perfectly fine under both wet and dry conditions. It gives the best shaving result in comparison to other electric shavers.

Neither it binds itself to the use of foams and creams nor does it take the help of water. It is a complete time saving solution for those early morning rushes to the office.

  1. Cord or cordless:

Philips Electric Shavers come in a handy model. All models come with a sleek cordless body for a tangle free, easy use. Unplugging the charger decreases any chances of accidental shocks in washrooms.

Various Philips Electric Shavers models available in India:

Philips electric shavers in India

  1. Wet and dry electric shaver AT756/16
  2. Wet and dry electric shaverS5050/06
  3. Wet and dry electric shaverS5420/06
  4. CloseCut shaving head Electric Shaver Wet & DryAT600/15 (dual head)
  5. CloseCut shaving head Electric Shaver Wet & DryAT610/14
  6. Super Lift&Cut wet and dry electric shaverAT750/16
  7. DualPrecision blades wet and dry electric shaver AT890/16


  • Blade: Comfort Cut Blade for a smooth shave
  • Shaving Head Type: 3 Rounded Profile Heads
  • Technology:Aquatec Technology for a refreshing shave
  • Shaver Type: Electric Shaver
  • Suitable For:Moustache shaping, Contouring Sideburns, Clean shave


  • Protective cap to avoid nicks and scratches
  • Detachable precision trimming head


  • Ergonomic grip and easy handling


  • Source: Battery
  • Universal Voltage: 100-240V
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Charging Time:480 minutes to 600 minutes (60 minutes for Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S5420/06)
  • Run Time:30 to 50 minutes for 9 to 15 shaves on per charge
  • Charging indicator:Green LED indicator
  • Being highly energy efficient, it gives an ample run time in cordless mode.


  • Type: Dual precision blades
  • Pattern: Slots and holes to cut long facial hairs and give a soothing experience


  • Digital display: It shows 1 level battery indicator, low battery indicator as well as an indication for travel lock
  • Maintenance: Washable heads. With the press of one touch button, the shaver head opens. Rinsing under the tap clears all the hair.
  • Travel lock: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes


  • Time: 2 years Philips India guarantee
  • Replacement: Heads are replaceable in every two years.


It has 5-direction Flex Heads which gives 5 independent movements for a closer skin contact and a faster shave evenly all over the neck and jawline.

It is a best option for both dry and wet shaving. Philips electric shaver is the most stellar tool for all the experimental looks a man can try on himself.

Check the official Philips site,if you need more information on electric shavers from Philips brand in India.Watch the useful video below to understand more on how Aqua Touch shavers work.

Here is the best list of Philips Electric Shavers in 2021 to buy online in India and may help you out to pick a good one easily.

Hope you have got to know required details of Philips electric shavers and if you feel any other information is required,please do comment and will try my best to respond to you soon.Have a great day!!!

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