Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Review

Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Review

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

This noiseless BG1025/15 model body groomer from Philips gives excellent performance for a duration of 3 months on 2 AA batteries. Specially designed for body grooming, this device offers a unique way to get rid of body hair while protecting sensitive areas against harm.

When it comes to getting ready for an unexpected occasion, the BG1025/15 is the perfect answer to all your grooming needs. With practice, you will learn how to get through the coarsest of hair, especially in the chest area with this state-of-the-art trimmer.

This body groomer is designed in a way that is most suitable for tackling the most unreachable and most sensitive areas of the body.Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Review

Capable of eliminating hair as close as 0.5 mm to skin, the BG1025/15 body groomer is equipped with cordless operation and is available in Black colour. It’s design and finish are wonderfully ergonomic to suit different types of users.

You can easily store it away and no need to worry about replacing the blades. The cutting element is bi-directional and is manufactured with the utmost precision.

Even with all its unique capabilities, this device is extremely gentle on skin, rarely causing cuts or bruises.

You don’t have to worry about appropriate usage because this body groomer is 100% waterproof and fully shower-ready. If you are a frequent traveller, you will find that this product is your best travel buddy.


After a fruitful grooming session in the shower, neatly hang the device in a convenient place in your bathroom using the shower cord it comes with.

Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Review:

Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Reviews in India


  • No maintenance needed. No oil-change or replacement of blades required.
  • Highly portable and user-friendly.
  • Works in both directions.
  • Very close shave with a razor-blade finish.
  • Makes no noise.


  • Can’t be used on the face. Specifically reserved for body grooming.
  • You may find that grooming thick hair is a lot tougher than fine hair with this device.
  • Device must be handled with care since the plastic body is very delicate.


With it’s affordable price, this product delivers more than it is valued at. The 32 mm cutter is surprisingly is a skin protector and in that it trims hair ranging between 0.5 mm and 3 mm in length, while not causing harm to skin.

Rid your most sensitive areas from unwanted hair without a worry in the world, using this groomer. For men who like to keep themselves well-groomed at all times without having to make endless salon appointments, investing in the BG1025/15 body groomer from Philips would be a very wise move indeed.

Powering it on and off is a cake-walk with just a single power button for both purposes. Protected with a 2-year worldwide guarantee, this device is ever-ready at your service.

The motor is extra-powerful and shows robust performance. Register your brand new Philips body groomer online for an additional year of extended warranty.

It has a 3 mm styling comb to maintain a certain length on hair as per preference. The blades are held securely and firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about disengaging.

This device is perfect in all aspects and with its rubber grip handle, it is even more so. It is also light-weight to carry around and use, making it a must-buy for everyone.

Go for it if you are looking for an affordable and quality body groomer that can work well and last longer.


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