Nova NHT 1070 Titanium Blades Men’s Trimmer Review

Nova NHT 1070 Titanium Blades Men’s Trimmer Review

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

Nova trimmers are one of the most affordable trimmers in India. They are much cheaper than trimmers from reputed brands like Philips and Panasonic. Nova beard trimmers cost in the range of Rs.250 for the entry level trimmer to Rs.800 for their top end trimmer whereas, an entry level variant of Philips costs Rs.950 and entry level variant of Panasonic costs Rs.1100.

This cost difference makes Nova trimmers very popular among users who would not want to shell out more money and at the same time be able to buy a branded trimmer. There are other trimmers which are in the same price range as that of Nova trimmers, but they do not come with a warranty and are very unreliable.

Nova provides a one year warranty on its trimmers, when bought from authorized dealers. These trimmers when used in a proper way are long lasting.

Nova has got many trimmers in the market and NHT 1070 trimmer for men with titanium blades is one of that which falls under mid price range.Read through to get to know how this trimmer works out to be.

Nova NHT 1070 Titanium Blades Trimmer Review:

Nova NHT 1070 Titanium Blades Trimmer for men Review

The Nova 1070 is a range of trimmers from Nova India. These contain stainless steel blades coated with titanium which makes trimming quick and easy.

The blades are 35 mm wide and the length of the trimmer is 150 m and weighs 127 grams. It is easier to handle and durable to use because of its ergonomic design.

It has a detachable trimmer head which makes it easier to clean. It can give a shave up to 0.1 mm. It has a sleek design and it’s motor is silent and powerful.

Power required for this is 130-240 V.Three modes of settings are possible like ; 0.6 mm, 0.9 mm and .10 mm. The blades are skin friendly and do not harm the skin.

The blades are also wear and rust resistant. It uses a AA battery which once fully charged can be used for 45-60 minutes. It can be used by men and kids alike.

The package consists of a pouch, oil can to lubricate the blades, brush to clean the trimmer, a charger which comes with a unique stand and 2 attachments.



  1. Value for money. It’s cost is almost same as that of unreliable non-branded trimmers.
  2. It can be used over a long period of time
  3. It can even be used to trimming hair from head as it has multiple clippers.
  4. The trimming head can be detached from the main body and washed.
  5. Maintenance is easy.
  6. It has great looks. and is pleasing to the eye.


  1. It is not very effective on rough hair as it has a tendency to get jammed.
  2. The blades might sometimes come off while trimming.
  3. The battery tends to drain very soon; in some cases within 10 minutes of usage.
  4. It is not waterproof and hence not advised to store in a warm place or else moisture content in the environment might build up in the trimmer, thus damaging it.
  5. It does not give an even shave and causes irritation to the skin.
  6. The blades need to be lubricated with oil frequently.
  7. The blades also have to be cleaned with a brush often, as the hair which is trimmed and dust particles might get set in to the blades thereby hindering the trimming process.
  8. It does not clear the beard in a single run and it has to be run over the skin multiple times to get a clean shave.


For its cost , Nova NHT 1070 Titanium Blades Trimmer is a good product. It is very useful for all kinds of beard except rough beards. As it comes with a one year company warranty, it would be wise to choose this product.


If you could afford few more hundreds more,we would advise you to go for industry popular Philips trimmers.

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