Guide to choose the Right Razor for you?

Guide to choose the Right Razor for you?

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

Do you have sensitive skin? You don’t have any idea as which razor to use? Of course, many people will relate to this common confusion. Sensitive and normal to dry, every skin has its need.

There are hundreds of razors available in the market with very confusing advertisements where every company gives legitimate assurance for all grooming solutions. Among all these razor companies whose advertisements guarantee the best grooming device, choosing a correct razor is a tough call.

So, before plunging into the razor market, check these following guidelines to purchase the best razor type for yourself.

Factors to check before choosing the right razor:

Guide to choose right razor in India


The important factor before buying a razor should be your budget range. Razors come in various price ranges – both cheap and expensive ones are available. It is advisable to a person, with his first shaving experience to opt for a cheaper safety razor. After the skin gets habituated with the razor, the person can switch to any model of his choice.


There are so many different kinds of razors available in the market.

 Open comb razor:

These are the razors with a camouflage of a plastic covering which leave the blade open to sight and the covering closely resembles a comb. Its advantage is drawing the hair or beard closer to the blade. These come in various cartridge types:

  • Single cartridge – It contains single blade. Novice shaver can go for it. People having sensitive skin must refrain from using it.
  • Double cartridge – It contains dual blade also known as double edge razor. It is useful for all skin types.
  • Triple cartridge – It contains three blades. Any skin type person can use it. It is a great option for people having sensitive skin.

Best Razor Blade Cartridges for a good shave

Gillette Razors- The best Razor brand to look out for in India

 Bar razor:

These are the razors whose blades are in superimposition with a metallic strap of safety bar. It is a safe choice for beginners as it reduces the risk of cuts and scratches.

 Electric Shaver:

These are in vogue as they give a quick shave. They don’t need any foaming gel or cream to give a smooth shave. Using it without moistening the hair follicle is also an advantage of using an electric shaver. Not many people choose a complete shaved look. Some prefer trimming their beards and mustaches. It is the best choice for either a trimmed or shaved look; and a great option as a traveling shaving kit.

Electric shaver has two categories:

  • Rotary Based Razor:

These are the razors following Gyroflex 2D Contour which has 3 circular head shapes fused together for shaving in any facial structure. It follows the contour line of the face and neck in a rotational motion for a clean shave. The best option for purchase would be Philips Norelco shaver in this category.

  • Foil Head Razor:

These razors have a rectangular foil head which moves in a seesaw direction and produces more than 8000 micro vibrations to capture more hair.

Top quality Electric shaver for men from Braun brand in India

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These are for all skin types and also pass Airport security checks:

#3.Handle length:

Safety razors come in all sizes. The handle length provides the comfortable access and easy shaving. It is a choice of personal preference, but it is advisable to buy razors with a longer handle. It will enable the user to see the areas already shaved or to be shaved, clearly.


Once again it is the choice of a user whether he chooses a heavier razor or a lighter one. Some people believe that heavier razor gives more grip than lighter razors whereas some believe lighter razors are easy to handle.

#5.Blade heads:

Many razors come with detachable heads while most razors are available with a fixed blade head. Though fixed heads are safe, they can be pricey if considered for purchase for a long stretch of time. It is because fixed head razors have to be thrown away after it’s indisposed. Contrary to this, detachable razors are pocket-friendly as with the change in blade head, it is once again as good as new.

5 tips to remember for s smooth and safe shave with razor:

1. Keep razors at a cool, dry place to avoid corrosion.

2. If you are a regular shaver, change your razor cartridges once every two months.

3. Be gentle with your shaving. Facial skin is extremely delicate, so avoid shaving like scrubbing the floor with a sawdust paper.

4. Always use aftershave or moisturizer after shaving.

5. Don’t scratch or rub vigorously after a shave. If you experience any itchiness, either splash water or apply aloe vera gel.

Try to buy any razor along with blades to save some money and don’t forget to buy only from reputed and known brands so as to avoid any surprises later.Pick the right razor and have a smooth and safe shaving.

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