Good Quality and Affordable Men’s Trimmers to buy in India

Good Quality and Affordable Men’s Trimmers to buy in India

(Last Updated On: 1st February 2017)

Unwanted hair on the head and face give a very clumsy and messy look. It can make you very conscious on the road and in front of people. Due to lack of time one tends to shave their facial hair with a razor, resulting in scratches and cuts.

This can make the skin really harsh and even cause infection or allergy prone. All of this can be avoided with trimmers.

Best Men’s Beard Trimmer in India

Best Philips Brand Beard Trimmer for men in India

Why choose trimmer over waxing, shaving cream and razor?

Waxing, shaving cream and razor are all yesterday’s methods. The quotient of hygiene is questionable. As skin gets exposed to the harsh process of shaving, it makes the skin layer dark, uneven and prickly. All of these can be avoided and you can playfully experiment with your beard, with a trimmer.

What styling can be done with a trimmer?

  • Hair styling:

Brush cut, close cut, clipper cut, taper fade, crew cut, Ivy League, undercut and much more can be done with trimmer.

  • Beard Styling:

Clean shaven, stubble – Duck-tail, French fork, circle beard,  extended goatee, Van Dyke are few of the numerous styles.

Honestly, it is tough to choose and understand which trimmers are the best, provided so many brands have launched the same product. But here, you would get the ones those are of cost effective, superior quality and high efficiency.

Good quality and affordable trimmers for men to buy online in India:

#1.Nova NHT 1047 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer Blue Colour:

good and affordable trimmers for men to buy in India

This has a powerful motor and an ergonomic design. The different speed settings give a clean and close trimming of hair. It can be used on kid’s hair, men hair and beard.

Product features:

  • Blade Material – Stainless steel
  • Battery – NimH, Use time – 45 mins (approx.), Recharge time – 45 mins (approx.)
  • Trimming setting – 0.1 mm, 6mm, 9mm, 10mm
  • Cordless – Yes


#2.Nova NHT 1046 Cordless Trimmer (white):

Good quality men's branded trimmers to buy online in India

One of the low cost and top quality trimmer from Nova brand, this product is best for its excellent clipping function with a rechargeable battery. It has adjustable razor head. The trimmer head is easy to open for a convenient cleaning.

Product features:

  • Blade Material – Stainless steel
  • Micro process regulating and controlled cutting speed
  • Trimming setting – 3 size adjustment
  • Cordless – Yes
  • Battery – NimH, recharge time – 480 mins (approx.), use time – 45 mins (approx.)


#3.Philips Pro Skin Trimmer BT 1000/15 (1.00):

Low cost men's trimmers with top quality design to buy in India

Rounded blades and combs are provided to avoid skin irritation; the comb follows the shape of the face giving a closer trim. It can be used both for hair and beard.

Product Features:

  • Cordless – Yes
  • Battery – 2AA batteries
  • Attachments – comb for cleaning
  • Trim settings – 1,5mm -7mm and without comb 0,5mm
  • Blade – Stainless Steel


#4.Philips BT 1005 Beard Trimmer:

nominal cost branded trimmers for men in India

Easy to clean, Skin friendly and high performance is given by this product. It trims and contours the appearance. It demands no maintenance, comes with a warranty of two years and is certainly one of the top quality affordable trimmer to buy in India.

Product Features:

  • Battery – 2AA battery
  • Trimming setting – 1,5mm – 7mm; without comb 0.5mm
  • Blade material – stainless steel
  • Cordless – yes
  • Recharge time – 300 min; use time – 60 min
  • Color – Black


#5.Kemei KM 2013 Rechargeable Beard and Moustache Hair Clipper and Trimmer for Men:

Top 5 good quality and affordable men's trimmers to buy online in India

This product serves both as hair and beard trimmer with different settings for a better shave. Hassle free cleaning can be done by this product.Advanced blade technology has been incorporated for a better experience. Also, the facility of one touch speed control has been given.

Product Features:

  • Different size blades for different cuts
  • Used as Clipper and Trimmer
  • Cordless – yes
  • Battery type; recharge time 480 min; use time 40min


The trimmers mentioned above come in various price ranges depending on the model and features of the products.Get an improved performance with very less time consumption with any of the mentioned trimmer for a nominal one time cost.

Choose a trimmer of your choice from the above list and have a good trimming experience!!

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