Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

Gillette Venus Razor for Women Review

(Last Updated On: 1st February 2017)

There’s no woman on the planet who doesn’t wish for satin smooth skin but the working lady today has very little time to take care of her body. Waxing takes too long and not to mention, is a rather painful process. Besides, it requires one to visit the salon and trying it at home can be a mess of a kind. But does that mean women don’t get to have smooth, soft, glowing skin?

Of course they can, with the help of Gillette Venus razor for Women . The razor is easy to use, causes no pain or nicks and only takes a few seconds to remove the unwanted prickly hair from the skin.

One does not have to waste time to get their hands, legs or underarms shaved. You can be all dressed for work or a party, and can get rid of the unwanted hair in seconds just before you venture out.

Gillette Venus razor for Women Review:

Gillette Venus razor for Women Review

Razor with a long life:

The razor has been designed with exclusive features so as to make it easy to use. It’s an absolutely hassle free gift to womankind and compared to other expensive hair removal procedures like waxing or laser treatment, this is economic and totally worth the money.

With you buying Gillette women’s Venus razor,it is an investment with long term yield. When treated with care, a razor can last you as long as six months. So the users end up saving a great deal of money which they otherwise would have spent on salon sessions.

Clean and smooth skin with just one glide:

The head of the razor is flexible and has three razors mounted on to it. Each razor works independently and the lack of rigidity of the head ensures that they adjust to the changing contours of the body.

The three blades contribute to effective shaving and one can get absolutely clear and visibly brighter skin with one light stroke of the razor. With such flexibility the chances of cuts or scratches while shaving are dismissed.


Aloe vera and Vitamin E for hydration:

On either side of the razors, there is a blue strip which serves dual function. The strip is made of Vitamin E and aloe vera which ensures that your skin gets instant moisturization after the shave. You do not have to reach for a moisturizer because the razor itself hydrates the skin.

Therefore, the user ends up saving more time. The other purpose of the blue strip is that it serves as an indicator. When the strip begins to fade, the user can know that their razor is losing its effectiveness and it’s time for a replacement.

Honeycomb guard for smooth movement:

Just above the pivot of the razor handle, there is a honeycomb guard which brings smoothness to the movement of the razor,which is another highlight of this Venus women’s razor. The razor can glide over your skin and you’ll feel absolutely nothing even as the blades shave off the tiniest body hair, leaving your skin so soft that you’ll want to keep touching yourself.


Convenient to use:

To use the Gillette Venus razor for Women, one first have to the lather up the body part they wish to shave. The person can use shaving cream or a simple soap will suffice.

The next step is to glide the razor from ankle to upwards in case of legs and wrist to upwards in case of arms. There is no need to press the razor but the lightest touch will accomplish the job. And unlike men’s razors, with this one you’ll never cut yourself.

By looking at all the features and benefits of this women razor from Gillette ,we put the product at the top of women’s daily beauty needs. Contrary to other razors, it does not harden the body hair or increase hair growth. Women can use it for any purpose including bikini shave. However, it is advised to not use the razor for facial hair removal.

Users’ opinion- What women say about this Venus Razor from Gillette brand:

Women who have used the product said very positively about this razor and they refuse to switch to an alternative. If you’re looking for a safe, easy-to-use shaving method which gives you velvety skin and can be used anytime, anywhere, the Venus razor from Gillette could be the product you’re looking for.


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