Gillette Fusion Manual Razor for Men Review

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor for Men Review

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

For over 100 years, Gillette has been striving to constantly perfect and innovate men’s shaving. Prior to the birth of Gillette, people had to get their beard and moustache carefully trimmed at the barbers.

But in 1901, King Gillette brought a revolution into the world of Men’s grooming with his first ever safety razor. The company has been unstoppable ever since. Today, Gillette boasts of a wide range of grooming products.

Its foray into women’s shaving through the Venus Satin Care razor has also been highly successful. Gillette’s cutting edge razors incorporated with new and improved razor blade technologies are preferred by Men over all other brands worldwide.

The Gillette Fusion Manual Razor unleashes its advanced shaving prowess even on the most sensitive skin. The most striking feature of this razor is , its 5-blade technology that significantly reduces the pressure on each blade by combining the comfort of 5 blades into the precision of a single one, thus smoothly gliding through skin. You can obtain the smoothest shave possible with the best of Gillette.

Gillette Fusion Men’s Manual Razor Main Features:

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor for men review

  • The Power Glide blades and the Micro pulses imbibed in this product gently eliminate hair without causing friction and irritation.
  • A Lubricating Strip integrated with this item urges discontinuation of use when it turns white. It releases water soluble lubricants during each shave and when the lubrication runs out, colour change occurs.
  • Tricky areas like the side-burn, under the nose and the shaping of facial hair can be easily perfected with the Precision Trimmer located at the back.
  • It also comes with a Flexible Comfort Guard which helps set up the beard mildly in order to give you the most amazingly close shave possible.
  • There are skin guards present that are composed of 15 thin and flexible Micro-fins that enable stretching of skin before the first blade in order to avoid nicks and cuts.
  • The ergonomic handle gives you an amazing grip while shaving even during extremely wet conditions.
  • Use only Gillette Fusion Manual blades with this Razor to get the best performance.
  • The 5-blade technology evenly spreads the shaving force across the razor so that hair is gently removed without causing the skin any irritation.
  • The cartridge is uniquely designed to give you optimal performance from both its sides.
  • The multi-blade technology engineered into the Fusion Razor was developed by utilizing the physics of hysteresis for shaving. When the first blade runs through a hair, it holds the shaft of the hair above the surface of skin so that the blades which follow it can cut it cleanly and efficiently.
  • Gillette’s patented blade manufacturing process involves micro-coating the surface of a blade with a uniform layer about 1/100th of a micron thick. It makes the edge of the blade so sharp that tugging is completely eliminated and comfort is maximized.
  • The Fusion blades give long lasting performance, especially on thick and tough beards.


Gillette Fusion Manual Razor for men Review:


  • Consistent high performance.
  • Can provide optimal performance for up to 20 days.
  • Worth the price.
  • Smooth glide.
  • Very less chance of skin nicking or chafing.
  • Easy to shave in sensitive areas like near the nose and lip without fear of cuts.



  • Might not work as good as the Gillette Mach3 Razor.
  • Blades are bit expensive.
  • Risk of finger-cuts from the trim blade located at the backside.

The Fusion Manual Razor is an excellent product from Gillette that provides optimal performance with very little effort. Even though the Mach3 Turbo works better, this razor is well worth the price. With a no-nonsense design, this is definitely a must-have razor in your shaving kit.


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