Gillette FlexBall Razor Review

Gillette FlexBall Razor Review

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

When it comes to shaving technology, top brands like Gillette are always neck-to-neck in innovating and revolutionizing shavers and razors.

While electric shavers are equipped with smart cleansing systems, powerful motors etc., razors are being manufactured with sharper blades, protective covers, ergonomic handles and swivelling cartridges.

For instance, the two razors from Gillette, namely, the Fusion ProGlide and the ProGlide Power razors manufactured with the amazing FlexBall technology that lets you have a smooth, easy and clean shave in just a few strokes without having to contort your face and strike poses to cut hair closer and more effectively. The head swivels in a very advanced way, kind of like a wrist, to adapt to the contours of your face.

The head of the shaver has a swivelling ball-hinge underneath which is what facilitates the head to smoothly rotate according to the curvatures of your face. It is guaranteed to not leave a single hair behind without you having to pull stunts.


The blades of the shaver heads are thinner and finer that prevent pulling and tugging of hair. An enhanced LubaStrip further improves the quality of the shave.

As such, the shaver heads are obviously more expensive to replace. Gillette intends to take extra care of sensitive skin with its FlexBall razors. FlexBall razors not only look really good, but also feel really strong and professional while shaving.

Gillette FlexBall Razor Review:

Gillette Flexball Razor Review


  • Keeps maximum contact with curves in order to shave off every single hair.
  • Good rubber grip on exact spots like the top where the thumb goes, the bottom as well as the ridges on the sides for better handling.
  • No razor-drag felt.
  • The 5-blade cartridge effectively trims all hair in just a single stroke.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip for better control.


  • Too many blades in the cartridge.
  • Single-stroke shaving with 5 blades may result in nicks and cuts if you’re not too careful.


Razor wars are always in full swing between top shaving companies and Gillette seems to be unrelenting and ruthless in manufacturing out-of-the-world shaving technology beyond imaginations.

Gillette razors equipped with the FlexBall technology are incredibly efficient razors with a number of other features such as a Precision Trimmer placed at the back of the razor that accurately edges your beard and moustache.

The lubricating strip is unlike the previous incompetent versions. FlexBall razors have advanced LubaStrips that create the sensation of shaving cream having been applied. It hydrates the face and smoothens the entire shaving experience.

FlexBall razors are great for sensitive skin and are a true revolution in the shaving arena. They accept Fusion cartridges and are the best-looking razors currently available in the market.

There is definitely a high chance that FlexBall will be outdated very soon and Gillette will then come up with something even more innovative. But until then, you can enjoy the closest and easiest shave ever with FlexBall. Just a little bit of pressure will have these shavers virtually gliding across your face, eliminating every single hair that dares to stand tall.


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