First time Shaver- Which one to prefer ? Electric Shaver or Manual Razor?

First time Shaver- Which one to prefer ? Electric Shaver or Manual Razor?

(Last Updated On: 1st February 2017)

Are you just entering the world of shaving and approaching for an exquisite look?  But you are confused about what is best for you, electric shaver or manual razor, right? Then you have come to the right place. Get to know everything about electric shaver and manual razor here.

Manual razor:

There are few different types of manual razors. But if you are a beginner, the two manual razors you need to know about are:

Which one is best for a first time shaver - Manual razor or electric shaver

  • Manual cartridge razor:

Manual cartridge razor provides the closest form of shaving. This shave remains for a long time. This is why you don’t have to shave in every 2 to 3 days.

Most men consider this to be their first shaving gear as it’s inexpensive as well as easy to use. Usually, there are two or more blades which can be changed. Parts of this kind of razor are easily available in the market. One blade can support maximum of 4 to 5 shaves.

  • DE (Double- or Dual Edged) razor:

DE razors prove to offer one of the most inexpensive sorts of shaving. The blades are cheap and can be replaced easily. These blades work great when you are prone to excessive hair growth.

To sum up their positive points:

  • Manual razors don’t need to be charged and can be disposed of if not working properly
  • It is easy to use and demands low maintenance
  • It can be cleaned without any problem
  • From a budget point, the initial cost is pretty low
  • They are portable due to their size


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Problems with manual razors:

Manual razors have quite a few drawbacks that need to be mentioned for better understanding:

  • They always require wet skin condition
  • Shaving cream or lotion needs to be available
  • It is more prone to cuts and wounds
  • They need quite a good amount of time for shaving
  • Your hands must be steady and you should never put pressure
  • Small light strokes are very important
  • Aftershave, soothing lotion, antiseptics and few more stuffs have to be used along with manual razor shaving
  • The skin can tend to lose moisture if consistently utilized for an extended period of time.

Electric Shaver:

first time shaver - best shaving device between manual razor and electric shaver

This is the modern way to get rid of your facial hair without any hitch. It has been designed keeping all the disadvantages of the manual razor in mind.

The shaver head has a three blade technology which increases the closeness of shaving. Head of a shaver can be concentrated as per need.It removes the hair very closely giving a clean look.

  • Rotary:

The blades are typically placed in a triangular form which needs to be moved while shaving. The blades rotate in a high circulatory motion providing a very close and clean shave.

  • Foil head:

These have a series of knives hidden under the surface of a rectangular metallic foil, which pulls facial hair and guides them close to the vibrating blades. Extended and straight strokes are required to get a perfectly close shave.


  • This requires very less time and can quickly give you a clean shave
  • It requires no lotion, cream, gel or aftershaves
  • There is no way that it will cause any nicks or scratches
  • It also works as an exfoliator and makes your skin smooth and soft
  • Electric shavers can be used in other parts of the body too without causing any harm.
  • It’s a one time investment as it is rechargeable
  • It can be used on dry skin
  • They are ergonomically designed for a better grip

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Though electric razors are far designed with all modern technique, there are still some problems:

  • They don’t shave as closely as manual ones
  • Many men believe that using electric razor needs practice
  • Majority of the electric razors cannot be used in shower
  • They run on charge and electric batteries. If not charged properly, these products can die in the middle of a shaving
  • The proper ones are more expensive than the manual razors
  • It needs more care and attention when comes to maintenance and cleaning

The conclusion: Manual razor or Electric Shaver:

As you can see both has its advantages and disadvantages, now it entirely depends on the user based on what they are willing to choose. If you want a closer shave, then opt for the manual razor, but if you are looking for something that won’t hurt your skin, then electric shaver is your thing. With this information, figure out what you want and get your first shave done.

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