Double Edge Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors – Which one do you prefer?

Double Edge Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors – Which one do you prefer?

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

The luxury of razor blades seems to be advancing as fast as technology these days. Options are plentiful, but choosing one for your specific needs may seem a little complicated.

At the end of the day, you want to protect your skin while getting value for your money. Why try out multiple types of razors and damage your skin, when you can simply read this easy to understand article that lists everything you need to know before choosing a razor for you.

Here, we will discuss two of the most basic and common type’s razor blades.

Double Edge Safety Razors:

These razors are slowly gaining in popularity. However, it is not meant for everyone and it does have its drawback. Double edge safety razors are mostly used by men because they have coarser hair on their face and neck, as opposed to women who tend to have much softer hair on their arms and legs that is easy to remove. Everything you need to know about these razors is listed below.


There are two factors that determine the type of razor that you want to buy. First, is flexibility of the head of razor and second is size and weight of the razor.

Based on the flexibility of the razor you can choose from an adjustable razor and a fixed head razor. Adjustable razors allow you to set various angles for the razor guard which in turn will help you determine the level of softness or fierceness you require from your blade.

On the other hand, you have fixed blade which are generally softer on your skin. This makes it easier to reach areas like right under the nose, giving you a closer and more precise shave in those areas.

Based on weight, size and balance; it is important that the razor blade is the right size for your hand and never too heavy or light so that using it is easy and you are less likely to cut yourself in the process of shaving.

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The variety of razors includes:

  1. Derby Razors
  2. Gillette Platinum
  3. Feather
  4. Wilkinson Sword
  5. Gillette Silver Blue

These are just some of the popular razors that you can choose from!

Cartridge Razors:

Cartridge razors are the classic razors of the shaving market. It is ideal for quick and easy shaving. It is most commonly used by people around the world. Here are the reasons why these are preferred:

  • They are easy to use during an emergency.
  • You can have one or up to 4 blades on a single razor depending on the type of shave you want and the softness that you would like.
  • The blades are easily available online and in stores.
  • Disposable razors are available for throw and use purposes when travelling.

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Which one should you opt for – Double Edge Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors ?

At the end of the day the type of razors you choose will depend on your method and kind of shaving you intend on doing. Here are the deciding factors you need to know about, before you make a choice.

  • Considering the fact that a double edge razor is a single blade, you will get a really close shave but you might also need to go over the same spot a few times which will result in soreness and razor burn. In this case, choose a five blade razor which will cause much less irritation.
  • While cartridges may seem cheaper when you buy them once in a while, buying a single double edge safety razor will last longer and be a cheaper investment. Cartridges tend to wear out faster, which will result in more expenditure. However by keeping the razor safe, you can use it for longer periods of time without replacing them.

While it may seem that double edge safety razors are the better options, it depends on the type of razor that suits your convenience and works best for you!

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