Braun MobileShave M60B Men’s Shaver Review

Braun MobileShave M60B Men’s Shaver Review

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

If you are on a tight budget and desperately in need of a shaver, this MobileShave M60B Men’s pocket shaver from Braun is the right product for you. You can now shave anytime and anywhere with this powerful device.

It has a wide floating foil that facilitates a very close and comfortable shave in record time. This smart foil has special patterns to capture and eliminate hair that grows in different directions.

Easily place it in your pocket or backpack and carry it along wherever you go, be it a far-off place or even to the gym every day.

Braun MobileShave M60B Men’s Shaver Review

It is also equipped with a precision trimmer that can be extended to trim long hair expertly and shape side burns or moustache.

Capable of gliding smoothly over skin, the Braun M60B does its job perfectly well, without you having to put in effort or extra caution.

So, you can watch TV or read the newspaper while shaving, without worrying about cutting yourself.

You no longer have to worry yourself sick about the 5 o’ clock shadow and can be well-groomed at all times and in any place with this portable shaver.


Braun has made shaving an easy, convenient and seemingly effortless experience by introducing this ingenious mini-shaver. In order to make it full travel-ready without a doubt, the shaver head is protected by a cap that can be opened with a simple twist.

Braun MobileShave M60B Men’s Shaver Review:


  • For a very low price, you get amazing features.
  • Very sturdy and robust design.
  • Multiple passes on the same spot leaves no rashes or skin irritation.
  • Wet shave is also possible.
  • Easy grip and easy to use.
  • It has auto-lock to prevent accidental turning on of the device.


  • Wet shave is not excellent with this device.
  • Shaving fine hair may need application of pressure.
  • Blades are not super sharp and you may need to run it a few times over the spot.


Equipped with the best shaving technology, this shaver has a lot of sophistication for a low price. The best feature of this shaver is its travel compatibility.

The batteries that go with this device are easily available everywhere. Even though the shaver is not as neat and perfect as expensive shavers, it still is pretty reasonable, performance-wise. If you prefer utmost shaving perfection, consider buying this item as a back-up emergency shaver.

You get free batteries on purchase. Total operation time on new batteries comes up to 60 minutes. While cleaning, remember to pour water sideways and not from the top to prevent water damage.

Long and coarse strands may not cut easily. The flip cover prevents the shaver head from getting damaged during travelling and storage.

The M60B is the best example of how a tiny device can be extremely powerful. Even though it makes a little noise while shaving, it has the best of Braun. Makes for an excellent gift for friends and family. 

For hospitalized patients, this shaver will prove to be highly useful and convenient. You can be rest assured that you will get a good performance on each shave for at least up to a year.


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