Braun 810 Face Epilator Review

Braun 810 Face Epilator Review

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

Braun is a consumer products company which is based in Kronberg, Germany. It is owned by Procter and Gamble who also owns the Gillette brand. Braun earlier used to manufacture radios, camera accessories but now is wholly devoted in manufacturing quality shaving, grooming and beauty care products for men and women.

Braun epilators are a part of the grooming division of Braun Company and are specially designed for women to remove the hassles of going to a beauty parlor and avoid from undergoing the painful process of threading, waxing and tweezing.

Braun 810 Face epilator facilitates a user to enjoy two treatments with one device by simply switching attachments. We can either remove facial hair precisely by the root with the facial epilator or cleanse skin pore deep with the cleansing brush.

Braun 810 Face Epilator for women Reviews in India

The facial epilator features a slim epilator head with 10 micro-openings which have the ability to capture even the finest hairs. With Braun face epilator, it is possible to pluck hair as short as 0.5 mm, which is four times shorter than waxing.

It also comes with facial cleanser that cleanses pore-deep to remove make-up and impurities up to 6 times better than manual cleansing. It runs on 1 AA battery which is included in the package and lasts up to 7 to 8 uses. It has high frequency plucking of around 200 plucking movement per second. It can be used for chin, upper lip, and forehead to maintain eyebrows.

The facial epilator’s tweezers mechanism is different to that of a body epilator. The major difference is that while tweezers of the body epilator are of steel, the facial epilator’s tweezers are made of plastic and are much smaller in scale and rotate horizontally.

The cleansing brush has bristles which are very soft and can be used with numerous cleansing products. The brush adaptor has a button on the back, which pops the brush head out for replacement when needed. Braun recommends changing this after every 3 months. It also comes with epilator protective cap so as to avoid the dust getting in to the head. It is cordless and is wash proof. It has a 2 year warranty and weighs around 299 grams.


Braun 810 Face Epilator Review:

Braun 810 Face Epilator Review


  • Plucks hair from the root which enables the user to be care free about the hair growth in that area for at least a month.
  • As per Braun,Dermatologists have tested this product and have declared it fit even for sensitive skin
  • Does not cause rashes.
  • Refines and exfoliates the skin via micro-oscillations.
  • It is very compact and handy to use.
  • It is also very easy to clean and doesn’t make any mess.
  • The cleanser cleans the pores very effectively and can even be used in shower.
  • It has a sleek looks and is ergonomically designed.
  • It is relatively less painful in comparison with the other hair removal methods like tweezing, waxing and threading.
  • Precise epilation and pore deep cleansing.



  • There is only one speed setting.
  • The user has to make multiple passes to achieve good results.
  • Some users have reported that it is a bit difficult to figure out which way to make the epilator head spin.
  • Though it is suitable for small touchups around the eyebrows between waxing, it is not really suitable for shaping and defining eyebrows.
  • Movements across the face need to be slow as quick movements hurt a little.
  • A new user might require some time to figure out the working of this face epilator as its working is bit complicated.

Even though Braun 810 face epilator has certain disadvantages and is bit on the expensive side, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. It is highly recommended to people who can’t always go to a parlor and for women looking for an effective and less painful way of getting their facial hair removed.


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