Braun 7 Series 799 7 Electric Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men Review

Braun 7 Series 799 7 Electric Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men Review

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

Braun is a top brand that constantly produces excellent products at the best prices. The series 7 shavers from Braun are very popular for their sophistication and features. The 799 7 series electric shaver from Braun is for both wet & dry use and can be used with a standard shaving gel or foam for extra-smooth performance.

Braun 7 Series 799 7 Electric Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men Review

It is equipped with a brilliant Intelligent Pulsonic Shaving Technology for a very modern performance.

This is the only Braun shaver which allows you to personalise the shaving settings.

The Li-ion batteries ensure that you get the maximum number of shaves until the battery runs out.

The cleaning and drying system of this shaver is absolutely amazing. An alcohol solution cleans and sanitizes the device so that you don’t have to use soap and water.

It also leaves a lingering, fragrant after-scent. The major internal parts of this shaver are completely sealed within a waterproof casing to enable wet use.

The ActiveLift trimmer coaxes up hair that’s lying flat down in difficult areas and trims it with ease. The OptiFoil technology cuts hair as close as 0.5 mm resulting in a very smooth and close shave.


It has amazing flexibility that allows it to virtually glide through every contour and curvature of your face. It beats all other shaves in terms of comfort. You can grip it easily without it slipping and run it on even the most sensitive skin without any worries.

Braun 7 Series 799 7 Electric Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men Review:

Braun 7 Series 799 7 Electric Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men Reviews in India


  • Comes with three different personalisation modes namely, Extra-Sensitive, Normal and Intensive to be used on different hair and skin types.
  • A 5-minute Quick Charge lets you have one full shave.
  • Self-maintaining. The Clean & Charge station ensures that the device is shiny clean and looking new everyday just at the touch of a button.


  • Expensive
  • The cleaning fluid tends to evaporate of its own accord once the seal is broken. This can be prevented by resealing the cartridge using the original cap.


When Braun says waterproof, they really mean it. The entire body of this shaver can be placed under running water. This is a very advanced shaver model, as is evident from the price.

Obviously its high sophistication and amazing features have received a lot of positive reviews from users. The self-cleaning system is clearly the most amazing one yet.

What’s more, the replacement head is surprisingly inexpensive compared to other shaver models whose replacement heads cost almost the same price that the device itself was worth.

For tight-budget shavers, this is obviously not the right choice since it’s premium segment electric shaver in India. The cleaning cartridge also happens to be very expensive.

But the cleaning solution smells heavenly and does a fine job where soap and water fails miserably.If you like your shaving gadgets to be nice and stately, you should consider investing in this product.


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