Best shaving Razors for Women in India

Best shaving Razors for Women in India

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

Shaving companies almost universally put out both a men’s and women’s version of each of their products, with the women’s version generally costing quite a bit more.

Women typically use razors to shave a much larger surface area than men, specifically on their body. It’s important to make the razor ergonomic to use, because women typically shave in a fairly wet environment.

Top 10 Best Shaving razor for women online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor for Women
  • Glide strip with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E
  • Flexible pivoting head that glides smoothly along your curves
  • Rounded head with three movable blades that removes even fine hair
  • Easy grip rubber handle for regular use in the shower
  • Removes hair without the pain and no strong chemicals
Bestseller No. 2
Gillette Simply Venus Hair Removal for Women - 5 razors
  • Glide strip with aloe vera extracts
  • 3 blades to leave you with smooth skin
  • Flexible head which glides along your curves
  • Easy grip rubber handle for easy regular use in the shower
Bestseller No. 3
Gillette Venus Razor Blades for Women - 4 Pieces
  • Glide strip with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E
  • Flexible pivoting head that glides smoothly along your curves
  • Rounded head with three movable blades that removes even fine hair
  • Easy grip rubber handle for regular use in the shower
  • Removes hair without the pain and no strong chemicals
Bestseller No. 4
LetsShave Evior 6 Blade Shaving Razor System for Women with Brush Fingers – Moisturising Band + Razor Cap (Pack of 2 Blades)
  • Evior 6 blade refill has 6 Sharp blades that give you incredibly close shave by following the natural contours of your body.
  • The oval shape of the cartridge is wide enough to remove maximum hair in a single stroke.
  • Each blade is designed with brush finger to lift hair up and shave without irritation or ingrown hair.
  • It also has a moisturizing band surrounding the blades enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender Extract that moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.
  • It comes with a sleek, portable enclosure that shields your blades to maintain safety and hygiene during the travel.
Bestseller No. 5
Bronson Professional Eyebrow and Face Razor - Pack of 3 (Color May Vary)
  • Disposable razor that removes the fine hair of the eyebrow, neck and face as well as unnecessary hair elsewhere
  • Features a stainless steel safety cover attached to each blade to protect sensitive skin
  • Simple, lightweight design and comes with non-slip grip for easy control
  • Ideal for fine hair and detail work
  • Assorted colors pack of 3 - Color may vary
Bestseller No. 6
Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor + 10 Platinum Coated Feather Blades Combo
  • Engineered to perfection with a smooth chrome finish, the Precision Safety Razor is designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy
  • Product Details: 96gm, 11.5 cm metal (Brass and Zamak Alloy)
  • Includes Japanese-engineered Feather Stainless Blades that cut the hair cleanly in one stroke to deliver the closest possible shave
  • Generous weight for a gravity-assisted glide and impeccable design make it effortless to use
  • An aggressive clamp setting for improved cutting efficiency. A razor sheath for added protection
Bestseller No. 7
Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Manual Shaving Razor
  • 3 high definition razor blades for glide and comfort
  • Comfort Guard features 5 Microfins for a closer shave
  • Ergonomic handle gives great control
Bestseller No. 8
Generic Stainless Steel Straight Barber Folding Hair Salon Razor
  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Well balanced sliding style
  • Light weight, finely balanced, steel cut throat razor handle
  • Ideal for barbers and hair dressers
  • Imported From HongKong
Bestseller No. 9
Zlade 6 Blade Viper Motion Shaving Razor For Men (Titanium and Diamond Coated Blades Made in Germany) - 1 Razor Handle + Pack of 4 Cartridges + 1 Free Razor Cap
  • Each Imported Zlade 6 Cartridge is equipped with 6+1 Titanium and Diamond coated blades made in Germany, the patented ICE (Ionic Carbon Edge) Diamond coating increases blade durability and Titanium coating enhances performance
  • All Zlade Razors come with a Common Docking System, The Zlade 6 Viper Motion handle fits both Zlade 4 and Zlade 6 refill Cartridges, so you do not have to purchase a new Razor if you wish to try our other cartridges
  • The Viper Motion Technology enables the Razor head to move up and down, and also sideways, a 6 way pivot allowing extreme adaptability to handle the contours of your face effortlessly ; Zlade 6 comes with a rubberised metal handle, ergonomically designed to give you the perfect grip and minimize shaving effort
  • Each Zlade 6 Cartridge has a Styling Trimmer fit onto the back of the cartridge, for easy trimming of sideburns, shaving under the nose and shaping your beard ; Zlade cartridges are Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested, and feature a lubricating strip equipped with Aloe, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Microsilver BG
  • Zlade 6 gives you a comfortable shaving experience at an unbeatable price ; *Compare with Gillette Flexball Fusion Proglide. (This product is not manufactured or distributed by the Gillette Co., owner of the registered trademarks of Flexball, Fusion and Proglide)
Bestseller No. 10
Bombay Shaving Company Activated Charcoal Shaving Foam with Moroccan Argan Oil and 2X Creamier Formulae for Superior Glide and Protection 266 ml (33% Extra)
  • 2X CREAMIER SHAVING FOAM - Signature Ultra-Crème FormulaTM for superior glide and protection.
  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Shaving foam with deep cleansing charcoal particles to remove dirt from the skin during your shave.
  • RICH MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL - Hydrates the skin while reducing redness and post-shave irritation.
  • ALOE VERA - Soothes the skin with its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • MENTHOL - Intense cooling shaving foam for a fresh start to every morning.

So here is the list of 6 best shaving razors for women which incorporate the needs of women.

Best shaving Razors for Women to buy online in India:

#1.Venus Gillette razors for women:

Best shaving razors for women to buy online in India

Venus razor from Gillette brand has number of technologies that are specifically designed for women.It is the first 3 bladed razor designed for women and features protective cushions surrounding 3 blades for a smooth, close shave in just one stroke. Three Spring Mounted Blades are specially designed to improve the efficiency.

Each blade is independently mounted on springs, allowing a constant adjustment to the contours of the body. It has pivoting razor head system which allows the razor to move over curved areas independently of the handle thus avoiding injuries to the skin.

A blue strip enriched Aloe Vera and Vitamin E extracts is provided which fades when it is no longer getting the optimal shave. The blue strip also acts as a lubricator and protects the skin from getting dry.

It has protective cushions for a nick-free shave. It features a Soft grip and anti-slip handle. Honeycomb Guard acts as a cushion and helps the blade to glide over the skin easily.It weighs just over 40 grams. It has got many positive reviews from women who have used this razor.



#2.Venus Gillette disposable razors for women:

Best quality women's razor to buy online in India

Gillette Venus Oceana, the disposable razor designed for Women comes with 3 blades and protective cushions for an incredibly close shave. With the Venus razor, shaving is a breeze.

Just put the razor on your leg, it will angulate itself. It does not cause tugging and nicks. It has the ability to shave the required area in a single pass. It has 3 blades made of high quality stainless steel and are long lasting.

Its Pivoting Rounded Head can fit easily into hard to shave areas. They can conveniently used on an average of 5 shaves and can be disposed after that. It has an anti-slip handle and a very efficient shave can be achieved.


#3.Prep Razor from Dr Trust:

Best shaving razors for women to buy online in India

Prep Razor from Dr. Trust brand is a razor that is specially designed for shaving under arm and private body areas. It has stainless steel platinum edge Blades which are very sharp and have an ability to give a very smooth shave.

It eliminates sweat coagulation and even fights Bad Odour. It also avoids Germs formation on the skin after shaving. It is ideally suited for genital area shaving .This razor has a specially designed handle for great control and can easily glides on the sensitive skin and giving a pleasant shaving experience.


#4.Bic Soleil Bella 4 Blade Disposable Razor for Women:

Top 6 best razors for women in India

With these Soleil Bella razors from BIC, it is possible to smoothly and thoroughly shave underarms, legs and bikini line. Each razor has four flexible blades and a moisturizing strip containing aloe and vitamin E, which work together to give a close shave without nicks and scrapes.

It has a Pivoting Head, an Ergonomic Design. It can be easily cleaned by rinsing it in water and has an anti-slip rubber grip. It is suitable for all hair types.


#5.Gillette Satin Care Disposable Women Razor:

Good quality and safe women's razors in India

Gillette Satin Care Disposable Women Razor gives a close shave and smooth skin. It contains a pivoting adjusting head that fits effortlessly into difficult to shave zones and also consists of 2 extremely sharp blades encompassed by skin lubricating pads.

These skin lubricating strip protect the sensitive skin from skin infections. The lubricating strip contains Aloe Vera that has antiseptic properties. It does not cause irritation to your skin.It’s especially designed non-slippery handle greatly controls the grip and gives you a perfect shave.

It smoothly glides onto the skin and provides you a clean skin. You can get stunning and scratches free skin with the help of these disposable razors. There is no need to change the blades, you can simply utilize and throw.


#6.Schick Intuition Plus-Renewing Razor:

Best razor for women to buy online in India

For women with sensitive skin, the Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care formula is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, and includes pure and 100% natural ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E extracts which hydrate the skin.

Their Skin Conditioning is Solid, with moisturizing ribbons, moisturizes dry skin during shaving and will leave skin smooth. This razor system lathers and shaves in one easy step, leaving your skin smooth and noticeably softer.

It is the only razor that can be used conveniently without shaving gels or cream. A pivoting head with four blades provides greater flexibility and allows the user to follow the natural curves of their legs and body. Additionally the razor is minimally packaged with recycled materials.


Go through the top quality women’s razors mentioned above and pick the best one that works for you.

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