Best Shaving Cream in India – Make Shaving a Relaxing Experience

Shaving is an everyday necessity that nobody can do without for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. However, this daily chore can become an irksome task when it results in irritated skin, chafing, ingrown hair, rash, or dry patches.

Shaving should be a soothing and rejuvenating daily ritual that makes you feel smooth and fresh. A good shaving cream is essential to this process as it nourishes your skin, softens your hair and enables the razor to glide smoothly across the skin with minimum friction.

Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Cream online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Gillette Sensitive Skin Shave Foam - 418 g with free 33% extra
  • Extra rich, creamy lather that spreads evenly and rinses easily
  • Gillette foamy sensitive skin shave foam helps to moisturize your skin and protect against irritation
  • Gillette foamy shaving products feature gillette comfort glide formula - including glycerine to hydrate and special lubricants to enhance razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave
Bestseller No. 2
VI-John Shaving Cream with Bacti-Guard For Men - 125 g
  • Reduces skin inflammation after shave
  • Powerful germicidal properties to shield against bacteria, fungi and viruses
Bestseller No. 3
India Grooming club Royale Rejuvinating Shaving cream for Men, 100 ml
  • Shaving is nothing short of an art form for the truly debonair. And the IGC shaving cream blends and lathers up luxuriously, to offer a pleasant shaving experience.
  • Blends on your skin flawlessly.
  • Lathers to the core.
  • Gives a pleasant shaving experience.
Bestseller No. 4
Vicco Turmeric-S Cream with Sandalwood Oil
  • Consist of Ayurvedic ingredients such as Turmeric and Sandalwood.
  • This Mixture helps your skin to get rid of rashes and itching.
  • The sandalwood used in shaving cream gives long lasting fragrance.
  • Antiseptic healing properties help in healing small cuts and nicks.
  • It makes skin smooth and healthier.
Bestseller No. 5
Old Spice Lather Shaving Cream - Fresh Lime (Pack Of 4) 70 G
  • Formulated To Provide A Close And Comfortable Shave
  • Prevents Nicks, Cuts And Razor Burns From Infection
  • Creates A Smooth Creamy Lather For Comfortable Shave
Bestseller No. 6
LetsShave Shave Foam - 200 g (Pack of 2)
  • Effective cushioning: Shave foam creates a rich lather that acts as an effective cushion between the skin and the blades, making the razor glide across your skin and softening the hairs
  • Enriched with coconut oil: Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that really helps if you are prone to razor burns and also prevents the skin from dryness that shaving may cause
  • Paraben and sulphate free: Parabens increase sensitivity and damage from the ultraviolet sunrays when the skin is exposed, resulting in the death of skin cells at a much faster rate than normal
  • Rust free aluminium bottle: Get the supreme quality shaving foam in a rust free aluminium bottle to assure that you get the best always; Compact packaging so that you get more in less
  • 1 + plus free: Get 2 LetsShave shave foam and just pay the cost of 1 LetsShave shave foam; An offer not to be missed
Bestseller No. 7
Yardley Gold lather Shaving Cream
  • Its a Gold lather Shaving Cream
  • Includes aloe vera and glycerine to provide a smooth and irritation less experience while shaving
  • A good skin friendly product
Bestseller No. 8
Lilium Herbal Shaving Cream with Tea Tree Oil; 120 g - Pack of 3
  • Type : Shaving Cream
  • Form : Cream
  • Product Weight : 120 gm
  • Application : Face
  • Packaging Material : Cardboard Box
Bestseller No. 9
AXE Denim Lather Shaving Cream (Pack of 3) 78 g
  • Lather Shaving Cream
  • Pack of 3
  • Each contains 78 g
Bestseller No. 10
VI-JOHN Shave Foam All Skin Type 400 Gm
  • Vi-John is one of the most trusted brands in India since 1960
  • Quantity : 400 gm
  • Skin Type : All Skin
  • Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, a strong anti-inflamatory which frees the skin from post shave razor bumps
  • The most Luxurious shaving experience you will ever have. Velvet like lather. Vi-John Shave MAKKHAN SHAVE. For best results & added freshness, use our SPLASH After Shave Lotion.

Here are five of our top picks for shaving creams that will give you the perfect shave.

Best Shaving Cream to buy online in India:

#1.Dettol Fresh Lather Shaving Cream:

Best shaving cream for men in India

  • Dettol is a dependable household brand with numerous popular personal hygiene products.
  • A wet shaving cream like this is meant to be applied with a wet shaving brush.
  • This product is especially popular because it lathers effortlessly and smells invitingly fresh.
  • You only need a small coin sized amount to lather your entire face.
  • This gentle shaving cream is ideal for everyday use because of its gentle cleansing properties and invigorating fresh fragrance.
  • It is reasonably priced and a 78g tube like this should last for a month with regular shave.


#2.Axe Denim Lather Shaving Cream:

Best men's shaving cream to buy online in India

  • The Axe Denim Lather Shaving Cream produces a rich, moisturizing lather that is sure to give you a comfortable, silky shave and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • The Axe brand is synonymous with exceptional Masculine fragrances. This product is no exception.This shaving cream smells like a perfect blend of musky and citrusy scents.
  • Not only does this give you a smooth shave, but its musky-citrus fragrance also lasts for hours and makes you feel fresh and confident all through the day.
  • This 78g tube is competitively priced and should last more than a month.


#3.Old Spice Lime Shave Cream:

Top 5 branded and affordable shaving creams for men in India

  • Old Spice has a whole range of popular Men’s grooming products.
  • Old Spice Lime Shaving Cream has a surprisingly zesty fragrance that sets it apart from its original counterpart.
  • While its base is still spicy and musky, it is compounded by a lemony twist that gives it a burst of freshness.
  • This product is especially recommended because it lathers very well. A tiny pea sized amount is needed for a complete shave.
  • This 70g tube should get you through a whole month.


#4.Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream:

Best men's herbal shaving cream from Patanjali in India

  • If you have sensitive skin that requires gentle herbal treatment, then this is the shaving cream for you.
  • Patanjali Herbal Shaving is a mild herbal cream with natural extracts of Ghritkumari, pudina, neem, tulsi and haldi that is perfect for everyday use on sensitive or irritated skin.
  • It has a soothing effect on cuts, rashes and bumps.
  • It produces a generous amount of lather that must be worked into the skin with the help of a wet shaving brush.
  • It is very reasonably priced for a 100g tube and lasts for a little over a month if used daily.



#5.Palmolive for Men Refreshing Lemon Shave Cream:
Best Shaving cream for men to buy online in India

  • Palmolive is a brand that is well known for its bathing products. The Palmolive for Men range includes a variety of Men’s bathing products like this shaving cream.
  • This cream is highly recommended for sensitive skin as it soothes and softens the skin during the shaving process leaving it feeling soft and supple.
  • It enables a closer shave as it softens hair and allows the razor to get as close to the skin as possible.
  • The refreshing lemon scent makes you feel rejuvenated after every shave.
  • This 70g should last for almost a month.


So grab your favourite shaving cream today and make your daily shave a pleasant and refreshing experience!

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Best and popular shaving foams for men in India

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