Best Rechargeable Electric Shaver for men under 1000 rupees in India in 2019

Ever since the very first electric facial hair trimmer/razor was created, automated shaving systems have evolved into sleek, sophisticated, highly efficient and affordable devices that have significantly reduced the time spent in grooming. For shavers who value convenience, versatility and safety, an electric shaver is a must-have.

With advancing technology, we must also change our lifestyles and choices to accommodate the best of modern innovation. The most “featuristic” shavers are available at affordable prices today, which is an amazing thing. The following list showcases the best rechargeable electric shavers available in just under 1000 rupees:

Best Rechargeable electric shaver for men under 1000 rupees in India in 2019:

#1.Gemei Rechargeable Shaver with Protective Cap:

Best rechargeable electric shavers for men under 1000 rupees in India

This inexpensive shaver for men is available for under 500 rupees in India. It is a very light, compact and sleek shaver with sharp blades.

There is a charger provided in the kit and you don’t have to be all tangled up in unnecessarily long wires and run around looking for a wall socket wherever you go.

This is a waterproof device and you can easily rinse it off and use the cleaning brush provided in the kit to get rid of residual hair.


#2.Brite BS-770 Professional Rechargeable Shaver for Men:

Top rechargeable men's electric shaver for cost below 1000 rupees in India

Available in beautiful Blue colour, it has a special precision foil that makes shaving a very comfortable affair.

This low budget trimmer is very light and portable and you can carry it around in your travel pouch.

The blades are made of stainless steel and the body is made from plastic.

Though this shaver doesn’t promise high sophistication, it does a very fine job for such a low price.


#3.Lifelong Electric Shaver SmoothShave 2:

Low cost and affordable electric shavers for men under 1000 rupees in india

This blue shaver is available for below 1000 rupees in India and boasts of an efficient Lift and Cut technology that removes maximum hair while protecting skin from getting cut.

It is cordless and rechargeable and reasonable, making it a worthwhile product.

Although LifeLong is not a very popularly known brand, they are known to produce top quality electric products from a long time.

The cutter head is equipped with a double circular knife thus increasing shaving area and maximising shaving results.


#4.Panasonic ES6850S Men’s Shaver:

Rechargeable men's electric shaver under 1000 rupees in India

This shaver from Panasonic comes in attractive blue and silver colours and is a completely battery operated, portable shaver.

The blade is spinet in nature, making shaving easier.

Rotary shavers are great because they get the job done easier and faster and with little effort.

It also has a smart cleaning mechanism that involves a brush placed over the spinet blade.

If you are looking for a branded electric shaver for men with cost below 1000 rupees,then this is the one for you.


#5.Brite Rechargeable iShaver & Trimmer for Men:

top 6 best rechargeable electric shavers for men with cost below 1000 rupees in India

Brite shavers and trimmers look so attractive and so do the prices that makes you want to order a couple of them immediately.

This innovative iShaver works as good as it looks.

Designed to look like an iPhone, it is available in a sleek black colour.

You can easily slip it in your pocket and use it anytime and anywhere.

It comes with a cutter block blade and a free floating head and is capable of providing a very close and comfortable shave.


#6.Kemei Rechargeable Shaver for Men RSCX-9006 Floating Three Razor Head:

Best and popular rechargeable men's electric shavers under 1000 rupees in India

This shaver is a very attractive looking device with all the right features.

It has a floating head with 3 razors which performs wonderfully over thick as well as fine hair.

Its design and shape is such that using it is extremely easy.

The shaver head also has important features such as the Flex & Pivot action, detachability etc.

This shaver has almost all the features of any high-end electric shaver and is a very worthwhile purchase for under 1000 bucks.


These are some of the best rechargeable men’s electric shavers available in India with cost below 1000 rupees.Go ahead and get one for yourself with nominal price to make your shaving process easy and affordable.

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