Best Philips Men’s Electric Shaver in India 2019

Philips knows how important your business meetings are. To put on your best suit only to realize how terrible your stubble is making you look, can be a disastrous experience for most men. And there are also the bruises you can get from shaving too fast with a sub-standard razor that can further damage your confidence on an important day.

Have you always wanted to find the perfect way to emphasize the best of your facial features without compromising on cost and convenience? If you still use traditional manual razors, its high time you switched to Philips for superior shaving.

Choosing the right wet or dry shaver is important for your skin sensitivity levels and the length of your beard. Placing your trust in a top-notch shaver manufacturer like Philips is a sure shot way to find the right product to suit your needs.

Top 5 Best Selling Philips Brand Electric Shavers online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver
  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Dual precision effectively shaves long hairs and short stubble
  • 50 shaving minutes, 1 hour charge
  • Pop-up trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache
Bestseller No. 2
Philips S1030/04 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (Black)
  • Choose how you prefer to shave, with the aquatic wet and dry seal, you can opt for a quick yet comfortable dry shave, or you can shave wet with gel or foam - even under the shower
  • Flex heads with 3 independent movements adjust to every curve of your face, ensure close skin contact for a clean shave, even in the trickiest areas like neck and jaw line
  • This ergonomically designed grip enables easy handling for a comfortable shave
  • Get a comfortable shave, wet or dry. Our self- sharpening blade system with rounded profile heads glide smoothly across your skin while protecting it from nicks and cuts
  • You'll have 45+ minutes of running time - that's about 15 shaves - on an ten-hour charge, this shaver only operates in cordless mode
Bestseller No. 3
Philips S5050/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver
  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • 5-direction flex heads
  • ComfortCut Blades for a protective shave
  • 30 shaving minutes, 8 hour charge
Bestseller No. 4
Philips AquaTouch AT610/14 Men's Shaver (Black)
  • Aquatec - refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave
  • 10 hours charge gives 30+ minutes of cordless power
  • Unique ergonomic grip for extra precision and full control
  • 2 years Philips India warranty and additional 1 year extended warranty through online registration on Philips India website
Bestseller No. 5
Philips S1070/04 Aquatouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (Blue and Black)
  • Aquatec wet and dry
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • 45 minutes of cordless shaving

Philips has a wide range of multi-purpose wet and dry shavers of different varieties to match personal grooming needs. Ever since Philips first ever shaving brand Norelco hit the market, they have never stopped manufacturing the best products with sophisticated shaving technology and components.

They have really excellent shaver models together with an amazing skin care range to leave you feeling like the real man that you are. You can take a look at the following top electric shavers from Philips and perhaps narrow down your choice to the one that best fulfills your list of requirements.

Best Philips Men’s Electric Shaver in India 2019:

#1.Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Electric Shaver:

Best Philips electric shaver for men to buy online in India

The AquaTouch is a fully waterproof shaver with Aquatec seal that renders it a near perfect performance in both dry and wet conditions.

The close-cut blades simply glide on skin to give you the closest and most comfortable shave that you can never get using a traditional razor. It has extra convenient ergonomic grip and full control for precision shaving.


#2.Philips AquaTouch 890/16 Electric Shaver:

Best Philips Brand Electric shaver in India

The AquaTouch’s special protection heads are engineered to produce low friction and adjust itself to the varying contours of your face, limiting skin damage to the lowest possible extent.

It’s Super Lift & Cut action lifts up each hair using the first blade and the second blade cuts it off much below the skin surface for a smoother feel.

A 3-minute charge will give it enough charge for one shave when you are badly in need of sprucing up and the shaver has run out of battery.


#3.Philips AquaTouch S5050/06 Electric Shaver:

Top 7 best Philips men's electric shavers in India

The S5050/06 model of Philips shavers has a flex-head that flexes in 5 different independent directions. The flex-head ensures very close contact with skin and results in a very fast shave even in difficult areas like the neck and the jaw-line.

For all your moustache and side-burn trimming needs, the click-on trimmer will give you the ideal finish for your moustache and sideburns. It has a very efficient 1-level indicator for the battery and the travel lock.


#4.Philips AquaTouch AT610/14 Men’s Shaver:

Best electric shaver for men from Philips company in Inida

The AquaTouch AT610/14 has both Close-cut blade system as well as AquaTec Wet and Dry technology just like any other AquaTouch shaver.

It comes in two colours, Black & Ash Cloud White with a supreme ergonomic easy grip handle and a plain plastic finishing.

The heads will work up to 2 years after which they must be replaced. It is fully waterproof and can be cleaned just by rinsing below running water.


#5.Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver:

Best Men's Philips electric shavers to buy online in India

This item has almost all the features as the other AquaTouch shaving models and one of the preferred electric shaver from Philips brand for many users.


#6.Philips QS6140/15 Waterproof Styler and Shaver (Black/Silver/Orange):

Best Philips electric shaver for men to buy online in India

The Philips Waterproof Styler cum Shaver has a unique reversible precision trimmer system that is obtained by removing the adjustable length comb.

The battery indicator light glows light blue when the battery is full and glows orange when there are only 10 minutes of battery life left.

The steel blades of this shaver are skin-friendly high performance blades that lightly brush each other, thus sharpening themselves on their own as they trim hair. Although the blades are pretty sharp, they have rounded tips and combs to protect skin from irritation and cuts.


#7.Philips AquaTouch AT756/16 Men’s Shaver:

Best Philips electric shavers for men in India

The AT756/16 resembles other AquaTouch shavers in terms of design and features like the Dual Blade System that precisely lifts and cuts hair to give you a smooth shave.

And not to mention, the round shave heads that adjust to different face types without cutting and bruising.


Most of the people prefer electric shavers and trimmers from Philips brand in India and the number of sales that happen online indicate the same.If you are also a fan of Philips brand electric shavers,pick one for yourself from the top list mentioned above and have a smooth and clean shave effortlessly.

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