Best Panasonic Brand Electric Shaver for men in India in 2017

Panasonic is the trusted brand of the Panasonic Corporation, located in Japan. They manufacture electronics, home and personal care products, including their popular line of electric cordless shavers for men and women.

Top 5 Best Selling Panasonic Electric shavers online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Panasonic ES-SA40K Men's Shaver (Black)
  • Japanes blade technology
  • Rechargable
  • Cordless use
  • Wet and dry
  • 8 Hour charging time
Bestseller No. 2
Panasonic ES3833S Battery Operated Men's Shaver (Silver)
  • With travel hard carry case
  • Battery operated, non - rechargeable
  • Cordless use
  • Wet and dry
  • The pop-up trimmer is great for grooming your moustache or sideburns
Bestseller No. 3
Panasonic ES6850S Battery Operated Men's Shaver (Silver)
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Battery operated, non - rechargeable
  • Cordless use
  • Wet and dry
  • Single head shaver with on and off buttons
Bestseller No. 4
Panasonic Es2207P Ladies 3-Blade "Close Curves" Wet/Dry Shaver-Pink/White
  • 3 Blade System Captures And Cut Hairs In A Single Pass And Ladies Shavers Use Nickel-Free, Hypo-Allergenic Stainless Steel Blades And Foils For Sensitive Skin
  • 100 Percent Wet And Dry Shaving Operation For A Close Shave That Can Be Used In The Tub Or Shower
  • Cordless Operation
  • Comes With Main Unit, Charger, And Travel Pouch
Bestseller No. 5
3-Blade Shaver : Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver 3-Blade Cordless Razor with Wet Dry Convenience for Men, ES-SL33-S
  • Sleek, powerful Panasonic ARC3 men's electric razor with 3-blade cutting system and precision-honed, ultra-sharp 30 Degree edge blades for quick, smooth shaving.
  • This men's electric razor uses three flexible, hypo-allergenic ARC shaver foils that follow natural facial contours to comfortably capture, lift and cut Hair.
  • High-velocity 8,000 rpm shaving machine motor drive for clean, even shaving, shave dry anytime or in the shower with foam or gel for total wet dry convenience.

Besides shavers, they have a popular line of plasma and LCD TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, telephones, answering machines, camcorders and digital cameras, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, laptops, and more. They are the largest personal electronics corporation in Japan today.

Best Panasonic Brand Electric Shaver for men in India in 2017:

#1.Panasonic ES6850S Men’s Shaver:

Best Panasonic Electric shaver for men to buy online in India

Panasonic ES 6850 Shaver is a mono-head unit with rotary blades. It comes with the very conventional on and off buttons for easy usage and you can simply plug in the shaver to charge it. Safe to use, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft after every shave without cuts, scratches and razor bumps.

It has a compact design with an ergonomic body in a combination of blue and silver. This battery operated unit has a smart cleaning mechanism that houses a brush over the spinet blade.

It comes with a 2 year warranty with a functional package containing slotted room for the shaver, the power cord and a manual.


#2.Panasonic ES3833S Men’s Shaver:

Top 6 Men's electric shavers from Panasonic brand to buy online in India

Battery Operated Wet/Dry Shaver with Floating Head for a Close Shave. Panasonic ES3833S Men’s Shaver has a three cutter head razor that makes it stand out as a class apart. The shaver can be used for a variety of purposes, be it trimming your beard or hair on the body.

It can also be used as a body shaver and a foil shaver that will reach all difficult areas of your face and body. Even on the most sensitive skin types, the shaver’s floating, hypo-allergenic stainless-steel blade ensures a safe, non-irritating shave. The floating, stainless-steel foil closely traces the individual contours of the face for smooth, even shaving.

It is 100% washable. So it’s ideal for shaving dry on the go, or in the shower with or without foam or gel. To clean, just hold the shaver under warm, running water for a quick, thorough rinsing. A handy maintenance brush is included to loosen and remove stubborn foam, gel and stubble and help keep the blade in pristine condition.

The Panasonic ES3833 electric shaver’s ergonomic profile fits naturally in either hand. To maximize mobility, a travel pouch is included. Power is provided by two AA alkaline batteries. This ES3833 Pro Curve Electric Razor runs for up to 90 minutes.


#3.Panasonic ES-SA40K Men’s Shaver:

Best Panasonic company electric shavers for men to buy online in India

The pivoting head follow the contours of your face for an effortless and quick shave. The waterproof design lets you wash the whole unit to keep it well maintained. Convenient and easy to handle, with a lightweight design makes it as portable as it is durable. The slide-up trimmer is great for grooming your moustache or sideburns. Just slide up when ready to use and tuck away when you’re finished.

With a comfortable speed gear packing 88900 rounds per minute, the motor drive is non fuzzy and hardly belts out any noise or vibration. Power Required (Volts) 220 – 240 VUniversal Voltage. It can be used for 30 minutes after charging for 5 hours.

2 Year Warranty The grid design on the sides of the Panasonic ES-SA40 shaver gives you a comfortable hand grip that enhances maneuverability.

The linear motor drive in the Panasonic men’s shaver is powerful and operates at a speed of 8,800 rpm and gives you a rigorous performance every time. The Panasonic shaving product can be used both on dry and wet hair effectively.

The foil type single blade head on the Panasonic shaver works vigorously to give you a well-groomed look day after day. The foil head on this ES-SA40 men’s shaver protects your skin as it does not allow the blades underneath to come in contact with your skin.


#4.Panasonic ES4036S Men’s Shaver:

Good quality and popular Panasonic electric shavers to buy online in India

Panasonic ES4036S Men’s Shaver independently floating twin heads. The independent twin heads with a pop-up trimmer grabs top notch points. The blades are of stainless steel and are rust resistant.Additionally it has a pop-up trimmer that makes detailing of beard easy.

Both corded and cordless operation is possible using this trimmer. It gives a usage time of 36 minutes on a 1 hour charge. It has an ergonomic design and 8,800 rpm fast, efficient and noise-less motor.

It has elegant looks and an LED charge indicator. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. It is completely waterproof and cleaning/maintenance of this shaver is very easy.


#5.Panasonic ES-RC20-A401 Card Shaver:

Best Panasonic brand men's electric shaver to buy in India

Panasonic ES-RC20-A401 Card Shaver has Single Blade Foil Shavers that capture and cut the hair at its base thus providing a precise and clean shave no time. It has a washable head thus making cleaning and maintenance very easy.

It has an anti-slip grip. For shaving and grooming away from home, this electric razor comes with universal voltage, an AC adaptor/charger and a travel pouch.It weighs just over 160 grams. It comes with a 2 year warranty given by the company.


#6.Panasonic ES-SL41R Men’s Shaver:

Top 7 best Panasonic brand electric shaver for men in India

The Panasonic ES SL41 Shaver has 3-blade cutting system with Nano-edge blades for a clean, Sharpe and close shave. It is a funky sporty designed, fast and efficient sleek hair grooming gadget for men with a stylish ergonomic design with soft rubber grip for ultimate speed, comfort and ease of use providing immaculate shaves.

It is part of Panasonic’s special Milano Italian collection. This shaver is lightweight, ergonomically designed and powerful. It gives smooth shave and no cuts even without water and cream in a dry shave. Itscurved foil surface fits close to skin without effort to reduce stubble.

The body of the Panasonic ES SL41 Shaver is made of a hard durable plastic and a rubbery anti slip hold. It is an attractive red and black colour. The pop up small blade trimmer provided helps in giving your shave that clean finish. The shaver comes with an ultra-compact charging and storage stand.


#7.Panasonic ES-LA63-S Nanotech 4-Blade (Arc 4) Multi-Flex Dual-Motor Electric Shaver:

Best Panasonic company Men's electric shavers to buy online in India

Panasonic ES-LA63-S features a fast, powerful Hyper Performance Dual Motor that consists of a linear drive and delivers up to 14,000 cuts per minute – that’s 56,000 cross-cutting actions per minute across 4 blades – while a second motor vibrates the shaver head up and down to help lift hair for a clean, smooth, efficient shave.

Panasonic’s award-winning 4-blade, dual-motor shaving system with precision-honed 30° angle Nanotech blades for maximum durability and sharpness. Its Multi-Flex(TM) pivoting head enables the electric shaver to glide smoothly along the individual contours of the face, chin, neck and jaw and Multi-fit ARC foils gently conform to facial contours, for enhanced shaving comfort.

A built-in Pop-Up Trimmer details sideburns and mustaches, wet/dry operation makes shaving in or out of the shower quick and convenient. This shaver includes a 10-stage LCD to easily check shaver power status, charge indicator and cleaning and replacement reminders for blades.


Panasonic is one of top quality brand in India to check out for if you are looking for men’s electric shaver.Go through the top men’s electric shavers from Panasonic company listed here and pick one according to your choice and budget.

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