Best Nose and Ear Trimmers in India

Nose and Ear hair is a terrifying experience for most people. Be it men or women, nobody wants to be caught dead with those pesky little peepers, especially when one is leading an important meeting or chilling at a party.

But you can’t completely hate them because Nose and Ear Hair are where they should be, for a reason. They barricade the nose and the ear, which are sensitive organs by preventing dirt, bacteria and external pollutants from entering them.

But the problem arises when they grow in excess and cause self-esteem issues. For men, excess Ear and Nose Hair indicates aging. Excess hair in the nose and ear can be highly frustrating.

Top 5 Best Selling Nose and Ear Trimmers online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Panasonic ER417K Nose and Ear Hair Battery Operated Trimmer
  • Sharp 60 degree inner blades
  • Battery operated, non - rechargeable
  • Cordless use
  • Wet and dry
  • Mirror cap
Bestseller No. 2
shree krishna Cordless Touches Nose Trimmer All In One Personal Trimmer,Hair Trimmer Cordless Great For Travel, Nose Hair Trimmer With Built In Led Light nose trimmer for mens, nose and ear trimmer
  • Stainless steel blade: durable, convenient, lightweight material. The sharp blades provide the sharp precision, smoothest, cleanest cut
  • LED light: the bright LED grooming light is used for locating and finding the area hard to reach, and then cut the hair easily
  • Safe and painless: micro touches tecnology control for precision cut adjustment, never hurts the nasal cavity
  • Efficient: 50% longer blade, 50% more power, battery-operated high speed environmental protection motor
  • Includes shave cleaner brush and 2 combs, also easy to operate( manual included)
Bestseller No. 3
Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 1500, Nt1500/49, With 3 Pieces For Nose, Ears And Eyebrows
  • No pulling guaranteed with the advanced trimming system that shields the blades from your skin
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning and care
  • Eyebrow guard for quick and even trims
  • AA battery included ,Eyebrow comb - 0.125 inches
  • Built to last with 2 year warranty
Bestseller No. 4
Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer (Black)
  • Advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks and cuts
  • Easily reach hair inside the ear or nose
  • Ultra precise and sharp cutting slots
  • Fully washable
  • AA battery included
Bestseller No. 5
ADTALA Nose Hair Trimmer,Electronic Stainless Steel Nose Ear Eyebrow Side burn and Beard Hair Clipper with LED Light for Men & Women-Green
  • ✅The Wishesport easily removes unwanted hair Gets as close as a blade, yet it's safe to the touch. The all in one Wishesport personal trimmer .The Wishesport is a battery-powered personal grooming device that trims hair anywhere with micro precision .It's great for sideburns bushy eyebrows, the back of the neck, mustaches, beards etc.
  • ✅Built-in LED light Rubber non-slip grip 2 comb attachments for trimming eyebrows/ mustaches. The 2mm/ 4mm Comb is for trimming shorter eyebrows/ mustache hairs. The 6mm Comb is for trimming longer eyebrows/ mustache hairs Trims hair with micro precision Trim ears, eyebrows, sideburns, back of neck, nostrils, chest anywhere you want to trim/ cut out that extra hair Get to those hard-to-reach places Easy to use Compact,take it anywhere you want Close as a blade yet Safe to the touch
  • ✅Description: Material: German Stainless Steel Powered by one AAA battery (not included) Color: Green and Gray Length: Approx. 15cm/ 5.91" Size of Cleaning Brush: Approx. 3.6x1 cm/ 1.42x0.39" Weight: 40g Quantity: 1
  • ✅Efficient: 50% Longer Blade,50% More power, Battery-Operated high speed environmental protection motor(battery not included)

Instead of plucking or tweezing them out with the use of sharp instruments, which can be hazardous, choose from the following 5 top quality Nose and Hair Trimmers that have an excellent reputation of getting rid of those annoying little pests in a safe and effective manner.

Best Nose and Ear Trimmer in India:

#1.Panasonic ER417K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer:

Best nose and ear trimmer to buy online in India

The Panasonic ER 417K is a portable and highly efficient Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer with state-of-the-art design and plenty of features to boast of.

The inner blades of this trimmer are angled at 60 degrees and are pretty sharp to give you that perfectly smooth shave.

Its rubber grip and virtually painless trimming makes for a quick and completely hassle-free shave in less than a few minutes.

An R-shaped round blade integrated into this device lets you trim nose and ear hair with surprising ease.

The head is detachable and can be washed under running water. It operates on an AA battery and provides a total of 45 minutes run time.


#2.Wahl 5567-324 Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer:

Top 5 best nose and ear trimmers to buy online in India

If you are looking to woo the ladies, you definitely won’t go far with caterpillars for eyebrows and a forest for a nose.

The Wahl 5567-324 is a fast, easy-to-use and safe trimmer with high-finish rotating, stainless steel, spring loaded blades.

This cordless Ear,Nose and Brow Trimmer is an excellent solution for your facial hair woes at a very affordable price.

Save yourself from wanton embarrassment by doing away with unkempt Nose and Brow hair creeping all over your face.

Leave a lasting impression with your colleagues, friends and family with this compact trimmer that can easily give you a neat and clean beard with very little effort. It has a powerful motor and comes with a 2-year warranty.


#3.Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer:

Best nose trimmer for men in India

The Philips NT1150 Nose Trimmer guarantees fast and safe removal of nose and ear hair with no pulling.

It comes with a fully washable AA battery along with an advanced guard system that prevents pulling of hair, cuts and bruises.

It has a 2-year guarantee and has compatibility with worldwide voltages. This device was built to last for years and is worth every penny of its price.

There is no need for oil-overs and maintenance is a piece of cake. This item is equipped with ProtecTube technology that renders it an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips to the cutter.

ProtecTube technology fights against skin irritations. The nozzle is designed at a perfect angle to reach hair in the ears and the nose. The cutter and the guard have ultra-precise and sharp cutting slots to easily remove hair.


#4.Nova NNT1091 Nose and Ear Trimmer:

Nova has taken the Indian Online market by storm with its products and has high sales on majority of online stores. Nova specializes in all kinds of electric devices from air coolers to epilators and nose trimmers.

The Nova NNT1091 Nose and Ear Trimmer guarantees fast and effective trimming of excess facial hair in regions like Nose, Ear and Brows.

It is a cordless device ready to be used on purchase with the help of inclusive AAA Batteries. The handle grip is topped off with crystal finish for easy use. It also has an LED indicator and a free floating head for extra flexible use.


#5.Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Trimmer:

Best nose and ear trimmers for men to buy online in India

The Braun EN10 has an ergonomic design for reliable and effective use. It will give you a total run time of 60 minutes using the AAA battery included.

It has a two-year warranty and the powerful circular blade system favourably removes peeping hair from nose and ears safely. No pulling or tugging is experienced.

You simply have to place it below running water to clean it through. Braun has a reputation for high quality electronic equipment that not only come at a budget friendly price but give you a top notch usage experience.


All 5 best nose and ear trimmers mentioned here are popular products and are worth their money.Choose one according to your choice and keep hair in your nose and ear in control.

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