Best Manual Razors for Men in India

When you’re running late for an important meeting, party or even your own wedding, a quick shave is the best way to show that you are a well-groomed person and ever-ready to take over the world. Since shaving is such a routine task, most people don’t give much thought about choosing a specific type of razor or exploring different options.

But the fact remains that manual razors come in different shapes, sizes and features to fulfill different shaving needs. The cost of a razor is very low compared to advanced shaving devices such as electric razors.

Top 5 Best Selling Manual Razors online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Romer-7 Safety Razor For Men
  • Medium weight metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design.
  • Double Edge Razor
  • handle Best grip.regular users & beginners,Excellent balance.
  • Perfect blade angle &exposure for a smooth silken shave.
  • With Plastic safety cover Kit box
Bestseller No. 2
Pearl Safety Razor P- 81D For Men Black
  • Heavy weight metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design.
  • Twist to open Razor (butterfly type)
  • Heavy weight metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design.Special chrome finish on brass fra
  • Long 4 inches handle Best grip.regular users & beginners,Excellent balance.
  • Made in India
Bestseller No. 3
Kabello Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Blade Shaving Razor For Men
  • Well Balanced Sliding Style
  • Light Weight, Finely Balanced, Steel Cut Throat Razor Handle
  • Ideal For Barbers And Hair Dressers
  • Stainless Steel Handle And Blade
Bestseller No. 4
Generic Stainless Steel Straight Barber Folding Hair Salon Razor
  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Well balanced sliding style
  • Light weight, finely balanced, steel cut throat razor handle
  • Ideal for barbers and hair dressers
  • Imported From HongKong
Bestseller No. 5
Romer-7 MATT Silver Double Edge Safety Razor For Men
  • Traditional Design Razor
  • Easy Loading System Makes Changing Blades Fast & Easy.
  • Single Blade Shaving System
  • Perfect Blance & Sure Grip
  • MATT Silver Finish Razor

If you have a good manual razor, you can get a quick shave anytime and anywhere without having to spend thousands of rupees on complicated devices. The following 6 manual razors are the best ones available at amazing prices.

Best Manual Razors for Men in India:

#1.Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Razor:

Best manual razors for men to buy online in India

The Mach3 is a very popular razor from the house of Gillette, made with DLC blades.

These blades work well even on sensitive skin, leaving no cuts and bruises behind.

There are 3 blades on this razor that carefully shave off hair on every corner and crevice of your face, thanks to its Front Pivot technology.

Its Aloe Vera imbibed Green LubaStrip is specially made for sensitive skin.


Choose this razor for a very close and very smooth shave.

#2.Gillette Fusion Manual Razor:

Best men's manual razors to buy online in India

The fusion manual razor from Gillette has a special 5-blade Shaving Surface Technology.

The blades are all closely spaced together in order to maximise convenience & minimise discomfort.

The advantage of using 5 blades is that the pressure reduces on each of the 5 blades and you will get a nick and cut-free shave every single time.

Gillette has many razors under Fusion series and some of them have pro glide technology to make the shaving process much easier.

Fusion manual razor from Gillette is very affordable one and quiet popular among many men out there.

#3.Pearl Safety Razor P-81D:

Top 6 best manual razor for men to buy online in India

This traditional-looking safety razor from India performs excellently even though its slightly on the heavier side.

Manufactured using Brass Metal, both regular shavers as well as beginners can use it without exerting too much effort.

The handle is 4 inches long and has a firm grip for ease of use.

The blade is placed in the perfect angle with just the right amount of exposure for a silky clean shave.

#4.Mir Men’s Manual Razor:

Good quality and popular manual razors for men in India

The Mir Men’s manual razor is a metal razor specially made for men.

Although made from metal, these blades are light-weight, easy to hold and comfortable to use.

This elegant-looking razor is quite a delicate product since it needs to be washed thoroughly and kept dry at all times.

It also must be handled with care. Nevertheless, it provides a very neat and clean performance at all times.

#5.Gillette Vector 3 Manual Shaving Razor:

Affordable and quality manual razors for men in India

The Vector 3 Manual Razor from Gillette has 3 blades that self-adjust for a faster and more comfortable shave.

The pivoting head ensures thrice the result from a single blade on each stroke.

As a result, in just a few strokes you will get a completely clean shave without causing irritation to skin.

These razors come with an advanced LubaStrip that protects skin against blade damage.

Vector 3 manual razor is the cheapest razor available under Gillette brand and worth each penny spent on it.

#6.Dorco LetsShave Pace 6 Disposable Razor:

Best men's manual razor to buy online in India

This is an amazing razor with 6 blades that you won’t get on any other razor in the world.

Engineered to provide a superb one-stroke shaving experience, these razors are made with the best quality.

Even though these are disposable razors, their design is such that you won’t guess them to be disposable at first.

If you are someone who are looking for use and throw razors at nominal price with good quality then these are the best option for you.

These are the top 6 best manual razors for men available online in India. Pick any of the razor according to your choice and budget.

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