Best Creams for Dark Spot Reduction Available in India

Dark spots can be a painful thing for those suffering from it. The dark spots that appear naturally can make your skin appear aged as well as unhealthy. Sometimes, these are even impossible to hide even with proper makeup.

If you have tried everything possible to cover them, but to no use, then you can try out some natural remedies that help you remove the dark spots effectively over time.

But before going further,first you should understand what causes black spots and below video explains some of the common reasons why black spots appear on face

If you have suffering the wrath of stubborn dark spots on your skin, then you can get rid of them easily with the help of some creams that help reduce dark spots completely from the inside. Here are our top suggestions:

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Night Cream: One of the most renowned cosmetic and beauty products brand across the world –Oriflame has come with a highly productive dark spot reduction formula in the form of the night cream.

This night cream gets easily absorbed by the skin and does its work overnight by reducing dark spots eventually. The creams works on the antioxidant formula which prevents any kind of skin damage. It also inverses the harmful effects of pollution on the skin and makes it appear radiant from the inside.

Vicco Turmeric Cream: There is no denying the natural goodness offered by the nature-based creams that contain no chemical ingredients. Vicco Turmeric cream is one such natural formula that claims of reducing the overall dark spots, acnes, and pimples effectively through the goodness of turmeric in its solution.

In addition to turmeric, the cream also contains additional natural ingredients like saffron, and other organic substances that impart the natural glow to the skin.

Ponds White Beauty Anti Spot-Less Cream: If you wish to achieve a completely spot-free skin for yourself, then you can try using the effective anti spot-free fairness beauty formula by Ponds.

The cream contains Pro-vitamin B3 which is an essential vitamin component needed for healthy and radiant skin. As your skin becomes naturally radiant and fairer, the dark spots appear less visible.

Himalaya Bleminor Cream: This appears as a slightly greasy cream, but functions great for those with acne-prone skin with dark spots.

The cream can be used as an effective night cream for reducing acnes, pimples, and blemishes and thus, effectively reducing the overall dark spots.

In addition to these,you could also look at the list of best selling creams used for dark spots reduction.

Top 10 Best Selling Dark Spots Reduction Creams online in India:

Bestseller No. 1
Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream, 150ml
  • It contains uv filters and licorice extract that reduce dark spots
  • It reduces dark spots
  • It is extra light, non-greasy and fast absorbing
Bestseller No. 2
Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream, 75ml
  • It reduces dark spots
  • It is extra light, non-greasy and fast absorbing
Bestseller No. 3
NIVEA MEN Cream, Dark Spot Reduction, 150ml and NIVEA MEN Face Wash, Dark Spot Reduction, 100ml
  • Quantity: 150ml
  • Item Form: Cream
  • It reduces dark spots
  • Removes impurities and excess oil
  • Cleanses deeply for a whiter skin
Bestseller No. 4
L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream, 50ml
  • It is a Whitening and Soothing Night Cream
  • Gives softer, smoother and moisturized Skin
  • Complexion appears more luminous and rosy with tourmaline gemstone
  • Melanin Vanish helps to reduce spots and brightens the skin tone
  • Vitamin E protects against free radicals and reinforces the skin
Bestseller No. 5
Biotique Bio Myristica Spot Correcting Anti Acne Face Pack for Oily and Acne Prone Skin, 20g
  • Spot correcting anti-acne face pack for oily acne prone skin
  • Helps control the bacteria that causes breakouts, redness and other skin irritations
  • Apply to cleansed skin, on affected areas only morning and evening until skin is clear
Bestseller No. 6
Luster pure herbals Lacto Dark Spot Remover Cream, 120 ml
  • Lacto Dark Spot Remover acts on the areas of importance.
  • Make sure you apply it daily after washing your skin thoroughly.
  • It is more effective during the night. So, apply it before you sign off for the night.
Bestseller No. 7
Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser SPF 30
  • Reduces Dark Spots
  • Prevents re-darkening
Bestseller No. 8
Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover Cream & Gold Face Pack (Paraben & Sulfate Free)-Pack of 2-60ml each)
  • It detoxifies and brighten your face
  • Makes skin supple and gives soft glow
  • Minimizes blackheads, ache
Bestseller No. 9
BIO RESURGE LIFE Anashwara Orange Dark Spot Reducing Skin Nourishing Cream with Vitamin C 50 G
  • Benefits: Helps in skin whitening
  • Reduces spots, marks and blemishes, Evens out skin tone
  • Potent Vitamin C that makes skin healthy, soft and supple, Suitable for all skin types
  • Composition: Orange Peel water (Citrus aurantium) 20.00 gms, Ghrit kumari gel ( Aloe vera) 1.00 gm Cream Base : Aqua, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Bees wax, Wheat germ oil, Anhydrous lanolin, Disodium EDTA, Orange Fragrance, Orange colour C.I. No.: 15985+19140 Q.S. Preservative : Potassium sorbate, Phenoxyethanol each 0.2 gm.
  • How to Use: Mix required quantity of powder with gulab jal & make a paste, apply on face properly wait for 30 minutes. Wipe with wet cotton or sponge. Wash the face with herbal face wash for better results.

Bring out your youthful beauty with these effective anti-dark spots creams in India!

There are many natural ways of removing these dark spots on your skin and below shown are some simple options which you could try at your home

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