Best Body Composition Monitor in India

Best Body Composition Monitor in India

(Last Updated On: 8th March 2020)

A body composition monitor is a very useful device which could help you to measure various things about your health.You could get to know about body fat,metabolism,bone structure,body water and body mass index(BMI) with this device.

When you are on diet plan or you are into some exercise with targets,you should be checking your body weight regularly to monitor your progress.Any personal weighing scale can just help you to check your weight.

But checking weight alone may not be sufficient all the times to plan or change or continue your exercise plan as per your targets.That’s where body composition monitor fits in.

Best body composition monitor in India

It helps you to monitor health of each body part independently and will provide an excellent view of your health.You could consider that as an input and accordingly change your exercise or diet plan.

Wondering how to use these body composition analyzers and how difficult they are going to be? Figure not as they are very easy once you get to know how to use them.

Watch the below two videos which explains how these body composition scales can be used.


What is the best brand in India for Body composition monitor?

Like any other product,there are many brands out there which offer body composition monitor or body fat monitor devices.

But in India,OMRON is the top and best brand when it comes to body composition monitors or body fat monitors.


Omron offers different varieties of these body composition trackers at an affordable price in comparison with other brands which makes them favourite.

The other brands which you could check are Tanita,Health Sense and Equinox.

Top 10 Best Composition monitor in India:

As mentioned earlier,most of the best body composition monitors in India are from Omron brand and here is the best selling list to check out for.

Bestseller No. 1
Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Electronic Rechargeable Bluetooth Fitness Body Composition Monitor Fat Analyzer 2.0 Weight Machine and Weighing Scale model-509 (Black)
  • Track 18 essential body metrics: the scale 2.0 measures 18 essential body metrics including BMI, bone mass, muscle, bfr, bmr, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, body fat, Personal with Digital Display
  • Rechargeable with USB port: the low power consumption scale can be recharged by using any Standard android USB cable.As a single rigid tempered glass bearing, the scale is easy to carry
  • Sensor technology for accuracy: equipped with 4 high precision sensors, the 2.0 scale ensures unmatched accuracy and reliability in the form of quick results
  • Multiple users data on your phone: the smart scale works with an app and compatible with android and iphone. You can install the app easily from apple store or google play by turning bluetooth on
  • Ultra-sleek, portable& safe: the scale sizes 302 x 240 x 2 mm and weighs 1.36 Kg. It is handy to use on the go. While its round shape corners finish makes safe for use and keep it in the home
Bestseller No. 2
Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale and Fat Analyzer to Monitor Weight Loss, BMI, Muscle Mass, Protein (White)
  • LIFETRONS SMART BODY ANALYSER ACCURATELY MEASURES 12 ESSENTIAL BODY COMPOSITIONS:Generate detailed PDF Report.Android users can add up to 10 new user profiles of friends & family members in one login to get body analysis & share BMI reports.Google Fit integration to calculate steps,Calories burned for android.Health Kit Integration for iOS Users.>>Warranty-1 Year for Manufacturing defects (for home use) on product registration >>
  • EASY TO USE 'LIFETRONS HEALTH' APP. FEATURES DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED BY LIFETRONS IN INDIA: App helps user to SET, MONITOR,TRACK 'SELF DIET PLAN' using in app Food Data available.Get Meal Notifications. App Auto Calculates Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE). SELF DIET Feature in app is currently available only for Android users. Graphs and Trends will show the progress if you are actually getting results for weight loss/gain to maintain your health goals.
  • DUAL FREQUENCY BIA TECHNOLOGY: For increased accuracy and reliability over traditional analysis methods. Easy Bluetooth connectivity. No need to pair device from phone's bluetooth.Body composition data measurement may not be accurate when using the scale immediately after heavy physical activities.
  • ADVANCED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:- CAPACITY-180KGS, Equipped with high precision 4 sensors with tempered safety glass platform. Auto step-ON / OFF for effective use of battery, 'LO'-Low battery indicator. AAA Duracell Batteries included with the product. Bluetooth 4.0, Tempered Glass Top - Easy To Clean.Contact Lifetrons Customer Care on +91 8421143434 for your queries.
  • AN IDEAL SMART SCALE FOR ENTIRE FAMILY'S WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & DIET: Works with any number of users. Free Download Lifetrons Health App for iPhone & Android. Share your body parameters as PDF report to your friends,Health Expert (Dietitian).Google Fit for android & Health Kit for iOS can be used to sync Lifetrons Smart Scale's weight data. The specially designed FREE* App for Dietitian helps to add, monitor clients progress.Generate & share professional PDF reports with Clinic Name & Logo.
Bestseller No. 3
Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor with 3 Months Memory to Monitor BMI, Segmental Body Fat & Skeletal Muscle, Progress Chart and Vesceral Fat Level
  • Step on analyser function
  • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle pervent, fat percent and subcutaneous ; It utilises 8 sensors on both hands and feet for complete body measurement
  • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
  • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor, 4 AA batteries and Instruction manual
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase
Bestseller No. 4
Dr Trust (Usa) Digital Smart Connect Rechargeable Body Composition Monitor Fat Analyzer Weighing Scale (Black)
  • Measures 11 essential body compositions: the Dr Trust (USA) electronic digital smart connect rechargeable body composition monitor fat analyser can measure 11 body composition metrics correctly
  • Patented accu gauge technology with auto off function: smart connect rechargeable has high precision gauge sensor technology which cleanly display result on an easy-to-read led screen
  • Reliable readings: an instant-step on auto-calibrated platform provides accurate measurements in pounds or kgs (Please keep in mind the first reading is calibration reading and is to be disregarded)
  • Bluetooth connectivity: it allows you to sync all your data in you phone easy bluetooth connectivity will sync the data once it is connected to your phone
  • Fitness app okok: okok, an easy to navigate app can be downloaded from google play store or apple app store the app works with bluetooth 4 0, supports android 4 3 and IOS 6 13
Bestseller No. 5
Omron HBF 222T Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor With Bluetooth for Omron Connect App Experience, Displays BMI, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle and Visceral Fat Level
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto user recognition
  • 4 user memory
  • Dimensions (L*H*D)cm: 34*32*5 ; Item Included: VIVA Body Composition Monitor, 4x AAA Batteries, Setup Instructions, Instruction Manual
Bestseller No. 6
Hesley Inc Smart Bluetooth Body Fat BMI Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with 18 Essential Measurements and ITO Conductive Glass, FDA Approved Body Composition Analyzer with App AiFIT
  • Simple advanced fitness app "aifit": the scale can store up to 8 users' personal profiles and save their measurement data. You need to select the profile before use so the app syncs in the data accordingly and keep a record
  • Health data management: the bluetooth scale uses advanced bia technology to track 18 essential body compositions including weight, bmi, bfr, muscle, moisture, bone mass, bmr, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, standard weight, weight control, body fat, weight without fat, muscle weight, the amount of protein, the degree of obesity
  • Tracking data convenience :view easy to read trend lines of each measurement in the app by clicking the corresponding parameters, which help you target your efforts and understand progress over time
  • Compatibility - only supports bluetooth 4.0 and abobe , ios 8.0 / android 5.0 or higher version. Can set upto 10 user profiles
  • Advanced technical specifications :equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor , 6mm tempered safety glass platform , capacity: 180kg , division: 0.1kg (0.2lb) , lcd display size: 73 x 29 mm (Red font) , auto on-step on for weight function , auto zero auto off , low battery / over load indication , power: 2 x aaa lr03 1.5 volts
Bestseller No. 7
Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Composition Monitor with bluetooth and artificial intelligence measures BMI, BMR, Body fat, Body water, Bone mass, Fat free weight, Protein, Physique rating, Metabolic age
  • Actofit SmartScale accurately measures 15 body composition metrics such as BMI, BMR, Body fat, Body water, Bone mass, Fat free weight, Muscle mass, Protein, Skeletal muscle, Subcutaneous fat, Visceral fat, Weight, Physique rating, Metabolic age and Health score for effective weight management.
  • Dual frequency BIA technology - increased accuracy and reliability over traditional analysis methods. Easy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Multi user database: 16 users – an ideal personal and family care product. Compatible with devices running Android 6.0 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above.
  • Now you can connect the Actofit App via Bluetooth and Sync with other featured fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit & Healthkit Apps
  • Get a free 7.5 inch measuring tape, so that you can easily measure the muscle size and feed that information into the Actofit app and track the growth easily. Contact Actofit Customer Care number +91 85305 99500 for all your queries related to Actofit Products
Bestseller No. 8
Omron HBF 214 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor with 4 User & Guest Mode Feature to Monitor BMI, Body Age, Vesceral Fat Level, Body Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage (White)
  • Omron HBF 214 body composition monitor is more than just a weighing scale
  • Know your body composition in terms of body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle and more in seconds! Multi-user mode also allows easy usage within the household
  • Product features - body weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, body age
  • 4 users memory with guest mode - the last reading is stored in the device if the user profile (age, height, Gender) is captured
Bestseller No. 9
Probus Smart Bluetooth Body Composition/Fat Analyser Weighing Scale – White
  • ✅ Measures 15 Body Compositions: Probus smart Bluetooth body composition monitors 15 essential body compositions, and helps you to stay fit. Very easy to operate and connect with your smart device, and transfer all details swiftly.
  • ✅ 15 Body Compositions Measured: Weight, Bone Mass, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, Obesity Level, Metabolic Age, Body Fat, Water, Protein Rate, Basal Metabolism, Subcutaneous Fat, BFR, BMI, Body Score, Stay Motivated.
  • ✅ Upgraded chip for better performance: High precision strain gauge sensor system and high performance chips are used in Probus Body Composition Monitor / Fat Analyser to measure the data of body composition accurately and efficiently.
  • ✅ Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect Probus Body Composition monitor with your smartphone via Bluetooth easily and transfer all the data without any hassle. You can download free fitness app AiFit from app store to use this body composition monitor.
  • ✅ Great Build Quality and Smart Features: Made of high grade plastic, and toughened glass on top for elegant look. It can easily take max load up to 180 Kg. It comes with auto On /Off feature for daily use. It automatically triggers and turns on as soon as weight of 5 Kg or more is placed on it.
Bestseller No. 10
Health Sense BF 414 Ultra Lite Body Fat Monitor (Blue)
  • Super light weight and non fragile;Health sense India provides limited one year warranty with collect and return policy for manufacturing defects
  • G sensor for high accuracy and sense on technology for fast measurement;Uses bioelectric impedance analysis for body fat measurement
  • Body weight, body fat percent, body water percent, bone mass percent, muscle mass percent, calories recommended and 12 user memory
  • Importan:It is a normal tendency of weighing scales to display minor variations (+/-300g) in readings, depending on physical activities and food intake of a person during the whole day
  • SERVICE & WARRANTY: 1 year HealthSense India offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects to ensure quality customer support. Please contact us for warranty claims

Go through the list and pick one that can best serve your purpose.

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