All you need to know before buying an after shave product in India

All you need to know before buying an after shave product in India

(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2017)

Shaving is the removal of hair, by using a razor or any other kind of bladed implement. The process generally involves applying of shaving cream or foam or gel and then using razors or blades to remove the hair and then applying after-shave splashes or balms to the skin.

The blades used to shave have evolved through the times. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, earlier blades and razors were made of solid gold and copper. Some cultures have used sharpened volcanic glass. A clean shaven man is considered to be noble and wise.

According to some research, people tend to trust clean shaven men more than bearded men. Shaving has other uses too. For instance In 4th Century BC, Alexander the Great encouraged his men to shave their beards so that their enemies could not grab their beards during battles. Shaving also makes men look neat and tidy.

What is an After-Shave product?

An after shave is basically a liquid, lotion or gel, applied to the skin after shaving. It contains antiseptic agents like witch hazel, denatured alcohol and also aroma producing agents like menthol.

Advantages of using an after shave :

A good after-shave consists of conditioning agents (natural oils and butters) for immediate moisturization and agents like glycerin which help draw moisture from the environment into skin throughout the day.

Many people believe that after shave products are only for their aromatic purposes. However this is partially true. The primary reason of applying after shave product is to avoid infection to the skin.

Usually after shaving, pores of the skin open up and bacteria in the atmosphere tend to infect the skin and cause acne, skin infection and itching. Skin dryness also increases the ageing.

But by applying after shave products, this can be avoided as they clear the pores of any bacteria and also seals the pores. It also soothes and protects the raw layer of the skin and keeps the skin moist.

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Different types of after shave products in India:

There are two broad categories of after-shave; Balms which are in semi-solid form and splashes/lotions which are in liquid form.

After shave Balm:

Balms are generally more heavier feeling than splashes and they are more effective and they also provide better moisturizing effect. They do not contain alcohol and hence balms are predominantly used in cold and dry climate regions.Balms also contain less aroma producing agents.

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After shave lotion:

Lotions are lighter, contain alcohol and they are added with hydro sols, astringents and aromatic ingredients which cleanse and protect the skin from infection.

The after shave products are further categorized in to alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

Alcoholic after shave products:

As the name suggests, Alcoholic after shave product predominantly contain alcohol and they are relatively cheap compared to nonalcoholic aftershave products.

But the problem with alcoholic after shave products are that, they cause skin irritation, can cause skin to dry out and also can cause burning sensation to the sensitive skin. Hence they have to be avoided.

Non alcoholic after shave product:

An alternative to the alcoholic after shave products are non-alcoholic ones which predominantly contain natural ingredients like witch hazel which soothe the skin and prevent the skin from drying out thus preventing skin ageing.

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How to apply an after shave?

Using an after shave is fairly simple. Once you’re finished shaving, rinse off the remaining shaving cream and splash your face with cold water. Use a towel to pat your face dry, then apply a small dab of aftershave balm/gel.

Depending on the thickness of the product, you can use anywhere from a pea-sized amount to a quarter-sized amount and gently massage into your skin. The whole process takes mere seconds, and can make the difference between a smooth, high quality shave and one rife with red bumps and razor burn.

Which after shave is better -Alcoholic vs non-alcoholic :

To end it I would say it is better to use non-alcoholic after-shaves as opposed to the alcoholic ones even though they cost more and also choosing of after shave products should be done based on the skin type.

Which aftershave is right for you? Balm vs Lotion:

For instance if a person is having oily skin texture and he uses a balm then it would result in causing pimples and blackheads to the user. Such kind of person should instead use a splash which would reduce the moisture content from the skin.

Many people does prefer after shave lotions these days and that would be confirmed by looking at the number of products available in the market.You could find vast variety of after shave splash online at an affordable cost which makes the buying process easy and applying a lotion is also damn easy when compared to balm.


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