9 Best Men’s Trimmers Under 1500 Rupees in India 2021

9 Best Men’s Trimmers Under 1500 Rupees in India 2021

(Last Updated On: 29th December 2020)

A trimmer is an implement for cutting and making human hair neat. They work the same way as scissors and razor but are different from scissors. Trimmers are pair of sharpened comb-like blade in close contact with the other.

The trimmer moved so that hair is positioned between the teeth of the comb, and cut with a scissor action when one blade slides sideways relative to the other.

A trimmer is a sharp edged cutting instrument used especially for shaving and cutting hair and it is mostly used by men for shaving the face.


A very much styled and trimmed beard or goatee, not just looks great, it shows individuals you invest wholeheartedly in your appearance.

It doesn’t make a difference if you have a full beard to oversee or you simply need a perfect, sharp completion, a solid trimmer can truly upgrade your look.

They don’t need to cost a fortune, so regard yourself and purchase a good and decent trimmer. Here are some things to consider before buying a trimmer.


A cheap blade won’t be sharp, and won’t be made of a strong metal. It could leave you with rashes and burns, as the blade pulls at the skin as opposed to cuts through the lower part of the hair.

As long as it’s at any rate stainless steel, you can’t go far wrong. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and will keep going quite a while.

Titanium blades are additionally turning into a mainstream decision. Similarly as with tempered steel, titanium blades don’t rust and are incredibly hard-wearing.


It is basic the engine not just conveys great capacity to the trimmer blade, yet has no drop in execution. You shouldn’t disapprove of any of the head of the reach beard hair trimmers. Their engines should be ‘dependable’ more than the ‘most impressive’.


Each trimmer is somewhat different from the other, as is the quality. You have to consider things, for example, what the trimmer housing is produced from.

Is it cheap plastic, or produced from valox? Are the blades ensured to remain sharp and strong? Does it have any realized dependability issues?


The embellishments or extra highlights of a whiskers trimmer are generally what isolate the modest models from the more costly ones. You would now be able to get laser guided trimmers to assist you with genuine exactness cutting.

Trimmers can have vacuums, so you aren’t left with beard hair all around your washroom sink. They can be corded or cordless. They may arrive in a pleasant stand that likewise goes about as a charger.

They may have a convey case or pocket. Trimmers can have connections that transform them into eyebrow trimmers, or ear and nose trimmers.

The list goes on and will keep on developing with each more up to date model. You must choose what is critical to you.

The following 9 trimmers are available for less than 1500 rupees in most online as well as offline stores in India:

9 Best Men’s Trimmers for cost under 1500 Rupees in India 2021:


MI Beard trimmer is designed for the modern man with an ultra-powerful battery and prevalent highlights for an ideal trim. The package contains Beard Trimmer, User Manual; power Cord, trimming Comb, Travel Pouch, cleaning Brush.

It has a self-honing Stainless steel blades with skin benevolent adjusted tips.It has a Ultra powerful Battery with up to 90min of cordless utilization with 2hour charge time. It is very easy to use and comes with IPX7 with a completely launder able body for simple cleaning.

The trimmer blades accompany earlier ointment covering. With utilization, the ointment may be in general evaporating causing expanded grinding and resultant warming.

It is prescribed to utilize coconut oil to grease up the underside of the blade if required.it contains Small brush, Long brush, travel pocket, cleaning brush and charging link.This is definitely the best trimmer under 1500 rupees in India in 2021.

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer with Fast Charging - 40 length settings
  • Blade Material: Self sharpening Stainless steel blades with skin friendly rounded tips
  • Length Settings: 40 length settings with 0.5mm precision with two combs
  • Run Time and Charging Time: Ultra powerful Battery with upto 90min of cordless usage with 2hour charge time
  • Easy to use: Versatile Corded and Cordless usage. Worldwide voltage: 100-240V
  • IPX7 with a fully washable body for easy cleaning


This Philips body groomer is designed mainly for the body, unlike other manual or electric tools made for the face. Its total body hair trimming system makes it easy for you to dispose the undesirable body hair from all parts of the body, for example, chest, armpits and even the most sensitive parts.

Its unique skin protection system protect even your most sensitive body regions, permitting you to easily manage hair as close as 0.5mm without direct contact between the sharp edge of the blades and your skin.

It is remarkably designed with a bidirectional trimmer and 3mm brush, this tool makes it conceivable to catch and trim hairs. This body trimmer has a long lasting blades which doesn’t need replacement regularly.

It is furnished with a 3 mm body brush that lets you serenely trim long body hair. The Philips body groomer is prepared to utilize at whatever point, any place. It also includes two reward AA batteries for a sum of three batteries.

For ideal execution with as long as two months use for each battery, utilize excellent Philips Alkaline AA batteries. Battery execution and run-time may vary contingent upon hair type and recurrence of utilization.

The body groomer is 100% waterproof, so you can essentially flush it clean submerged when you’re set. This body groomer likewise comes with a non-slip grasp, so you can without much of a stretch use it under the shower.

Effectively open and consistently all set, whatever the event. The elastic grasp is intended to guarantee ideal taking care of in any event, when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower.

A delicate trimmer for even the most touchy body zones, the Philips BG1025/15 Body Trimmer lets you easily dispose of undesirable body hair from all BODY zones.

The exceptionally planned Skin Protection System monitors your skin from presenting to an uncovered blade. The durable blades are intended to last, consistently and needn’t bother with substitution consistently.

This is another good choice if you are looking for best trimmer under 1500 rs in 2021.


It helps you to get an ideal and protective trim, on numerous occasions. The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against each other, honing themselves as they trim so they remain additional sharp and effective as on first day.

This beard hair trimmer comes with a USB link for more adaptable charging through your PC or any USB connector.

The battery pointers in this trimmer let you comprehend what your battery status is low or charging. Thus, you can charge your trimmer on schedule and you won’t end up with an unfilled battery in your trim.

Blades have adjusted tips for smooth contact with skin to forestall scratching and disturbance. The movement lock on off catch keeps the machine from being turned on coincidentally.

Segregate the head and flush it under the tap for simple cleaning. Dry it before you set it back on the apparatus. Simple to hold and use, it’s intended to assist you with managing those difficult to arrive at regions.

The power technology brings down the contact on the blades, which shields the engine and the battery from being overloaded.Another top choice under 1500 rupees in 2021 and again from Philips brand.

Philips BT1215/15 usb cordless beard trimmer (black)
  • Stainless steel blades
  • DuraPower, 60min cordless use and USB charging
  • Automatic voltage : 100-240 V
  • 4 stubble and beard combs
  • Charge your trimmer for 8 hours with your USB cable to get 60 minutes of cordless use


The Lifelong LLPCM07 beard hair trimmer comes with 2 hour speedy charge with the goal that you never need to stress over charging your trimmer as the night progressed.

It allows you an hour of continuous usage and comes with stainless steel blades and an incredible yet quiet engine, for a superior managing experience.

It deals with hair from 0.4-10 mm brush settings which assist you with styling your stubble as wanted. This must be the grooming product that gives you a definitive control and accuracy on your styling, any place you are.

The trimmer can manage between 0.4-10mm. Tempered steel blades guarantee exact trim all through. Trimmer can keep going for an hour with persistent utilization.

The trimmer cordless can be utilized in a hurry. It can also be used while the trimmer is getting charged. Charge the indicator to give you an exact thought when to put the trimmer on charge once more.This is a reasonable good choice if you are looking for best beard trimmer under 1500 rs in 2021.

Lifelong LLPCM07 Beard Trimmer for Men with Quick Charge and Charge Indicator, One Year Warranty (Black)
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase. Full refund of money or replacement with brand new product in case of any issues with product. Call us on: +919711558877 / Email: customercare@lifelongindia.com
  • Length Adjustment - The trimmer can trim between 0.4-10mm. Stainless steel blades ensure precise trim throughout
  • Trimmer can last for 60 minutes with continuous usage. Requires 2 hours to get charged fully
  • Cord and cordless usage: Use the trimmer cordless, on the go. Can also be used while the trimmer is getting charged
  • Charge Indicator to give you a precise idea when to put the trimmer on charge again


This quality kit comes with different attachment for Body Grooming, Beard and Mustache, Nose, Ear and Eyebrow.

It keeps going long for 90 minutes runtime and 1.5 hours charge time. Absolutely never need to stress over running out of regularly.

The LED battery pointer shows how much battery is left on the KB-5300. Hardened steel dodges blade disturbances and unintentional cuts. For additional solace and insurance, it has adjusted tips and non-scratching combs.it is multi purposely used.

This another good choice and one of the best trimmer to buy for price under 1500 rupees online in India 2021.

Kubra KB-5300 5 IN 1 Multifunctional Grooming Kit For Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache, Nose, Ear & Eyebrow, LED Display, 19 Length Setting, 90 minutes runtime and Fast Charging (Black-Blue)
  • Multi-Purpose Use 5-in-1 Grooming Kit.
  • 90 mins runtime and 1.5 hours charge time.
  • Trimming Range: 1 - 10 mm
  • 19 length settings.
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty on product registration. Visit our website spacelydigital.in Contact us at +91 9372761556


This digital display multi groomer for men has body groom pack deals with and the well being estimates that its sharp blades attempt are unrivaled.

Gone are the days when men would be happy with a basic full size trimmer or shaver without any connections or settings for an improved look.

This multi-use pack is uncommonly intended for a contemporary man who cautiously sharpens an untidy look or cherishes the back brush impact when not a solitary hair is strange.

From sideburns, to neck area to stubble nothing goes unnoticed. In the event that you need to eliminate undesirable hair or trim and shave any zone of the body, attempt this multi preparing pack and it will end up being an essential resource.

Charge the battery for just an hour and you can utilize it consistently for around 45 minutes. The assortment of connections gave along this pack will satisfy you.

With just 5 hours of charging, you can get as long as 40 minutes of utilization with this Nova trimmer.

It additionally has a brief brisk charge, which gives you a total trim, in the event that you are in a rush.This is another top selling and one of the best beard trimmer under 1500 rupees in India 2021.

Nova All in One Head to Toe Digital Display Multi Grooming Kit (Black)
  • Charge the product for 8 hours before initial use and this product is not suitable for direct plug and use
  • The product can be charged only with charging cable,rechargeable LI-ion Battery
  • Rechargeable cordless trimmer with high precision trimming range 0.25 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 12mm ( multi grooming kit )
  • High grade stainless steel blades, upto 30 minutes of cordless use; Shaver Type : Foil Shaver
  • Accesories - large charging station , AC adapter , length comb


The trimmer comes with USB connector for adaptable and helpful use. It tends to be utilized both cord just as cordless.

It accuses rapidly of an hour and half of full charge permits 50 minutes of run time, while a speedy charge in 1 moment can give 3 minutes run time, comparable to 1 managing meeting. Once completely energized, the LED Indicator turns green.

This is another good choice when it comes to trimmers under 1500 rupees in India in 2021.

Havells BT9005 Adjustable Beard & Moustache Trimmer, Fast Charge allows 15 + trims, 19 Built-in Precise Lengths (Black/Blue)
  • Capture trim technology ensures 2x faster cutting in 1 stroke
  • Micro USB rechargeable beard trimmer with 50 minutes run time after 90 minutes of full charge
  • Led battery indicator
  • Zoom wheel comb attachment to customize your beard length from 0.5 mm to 10 mm with a step size of 0.5 mm
  • Auto lock zoom wheel


Kemei Km-809 professional electric And rechargeable hair trimmer heavy duty grooming set for men, women and pets (Multicolor),with this trimmer you can give yourself a shave at home without setting off to a salon.

You no need to worry about having power in your home and batteries because this appliance runs on both electricity and batteries. It comes with a whole lot of multiple attachments set to trim hair of different lengths.

It comes with an adjustable blade and free floating head allows for a fuss-free shave even in hard-to-reach areas. This feature also makes cleaning the appliance a lot more convenient.

The blades in this appliance come with a rubber finish so they are not susceptible to rust and corrosion. The set also includes a pair of scissors to cut off strays, a specially formulated oil to clean the blades, and a comb to brush and set the hair.

Another great choice and one of the best all in one trimmer to buy online for cost below 1500 rupees in India 2021.

Kemei Km-809 A Rechargeable Cum Electric Hair Clipper Gromming Set For Men, Women (Mutlicolor) (Multi)
  • Heavy Duty; Trimming Range: 0.5 - 15 mm
  • Maintenance Free. Power Requirement 220- 240 v. Battery Run Time : 120 min
  • Cordless cum Corded Device
  • Hair Shaver Epilator
  • Multi-Purpose Use


The hair trimmer is appropriate for suitable trimming nose, ear and eyebrow hair. The Remington trimmer uses battery. And also the trimmer is easily washable with water.This is our last choice when it comes to the list of best trimmer under 1500 rupees in 2021.

Its blade can be used for Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer Linear trimming framework for nose, ears and eyebrows You can’t forestall unattractive hair growing in strange spots, however you can control it!

From boisterous eyebrows to nose and ear hair, this convenient preparing instrument has it secured with cutting edge steel blades and a washable head.

Remington NE3150 E51 Linear Trimmer for Men (Black)
  • Linear head, for nose, ear and brow
  • Washable
  • For quick and easy cleaning
  • Hypo-allergenic blades
  • Won’t irritate the skin

All these Best trimmers under 1500 rupees online in India for men are very affordable and have got very good features for the price offered.Choose one wisely which could work for you.

Below is the list of best trimmers under various price categories

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