Top 7 Best Beard Trimmers for men under 1000 Rupees in India 2021

Top 7 Best Beard Trimmers for men under 1000 Rupees in India 2021

(Last Updated On: 29th November 2020)

Beards are more than just facial hair. They are style statements and enhance a man’s personality to a great extent. Styling a beard is not a simple task.

Trimmers were designed to allow you to easily shape and style beards and moustaches in any which way you like that is so difficult to achieve otherwise.

There are hundreds of trimmers available today that boast of unique features. Choosing the right product is vital to help you achieve your desired look.

Trimmers are great for achieving various styles like Goatees, Sideburns and Stubbles along with carefully trimming moustaches, eyebrows, ear and nose hair.

The following 7 hair trimmers are not only super-efficient but are available for less than 1000 bucks in India.

Best Beard Trimmers for men under 1000 rupees in India 2021:

#1.Philips Pro Skin Trimmer Bt1000/15 (1.00) (Blue, Black):

Best beard trimmer for men with cost under 1000 rupees in India

As the name suggests, the Philips Bt1000/15 is a skin friendly device that smoothly adjusts itself to skin, owing to its rounded tips.

This is the best budget friendly branded beard trimmer you could buy for cost under 1000 rupees.

Although the blades have rounded tips, the edges are extra sharp to neatly and expert trim hair.

With just a single set of batteries, this trimmer will give you seamless operation for two whole months.

The shaver head pops out and can be cleaned easily with the cleaning brush provided in the package.


#2.Philips BT1005 Beard Trimmer:

Best quality men's beard trimmer for less than 1000 rupees in India

This is also a pro skin trimmer like the Bt1000/15. The heads of these trimmers can easily be popped open and cleaned using a special cleaning brush that comes with the device.Another Best Philips trimmer that is priced under 1000 rupees in the Indian market.

It also has combs between the blades that helps to smoothly eliminate hair without causing irritation to skin.

This trimmer requires no oiling and very less maintenance, providing long-lasting operation.

On one set of batteries, you can get up to 15-20 awesome shaves.


#3.Nova NHT 1075 Titanium Blades Trimmer:

Top 7 best beard trimmers under 1000 rupees to buy online in India

The Nova NHT 1075 is a black trimmer with the three most sophisticated shaving features integrated into it such as Titanium Blades, free floating head and advanced shaving technology for a comfortable, modern shaving experience.

Nova is famous for affordable trimmers and this is one of the best Nova trimmers to buy in India that too with very less amount.

Nova is known to manufacture highly efficient grooming products just like other top brands but are moderately priced unlike Philips and Panasonic.


#4.Vega VHTH 05 T Desire Hair Trimmer with Adaptor (Multicolour):

top quality beard trimmers for men for cost below 1000 rupees in India

The Vega VHTH 05 T has all the makings of a sophisticated hair trimmer.

You can easily experiment with different styles and use this device with utmost ease and precision.

What’s more, this grooming product by Vega is decently priced. The blades are made from stainless steel and are self-sharpening.

You can remove the adjusting clip that comes with this device in order to get a closer shave.


#5.Wahl 09971-724 Compact Battery Trimmer:

top 7 best men's beard trimmer under 1000 rupees to buy online in India

Wahl products are known for their compact size and ergonomic handling. Its compact size renders it the ability to reach difficult areas and neatly trim hair.Another quality trimmer that can be bought for price below 1000 rupees online in India.

It can also be conveniently carried around. It is capable of trimming very fine hair owing to its 4 different length settings ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm.

A blade guard protects the blades against damage as well as protects the vicinity from cuts and nicks.

You can easily trim and shape moustache with this compact trimmer.


#6.Wahl 5604-024 Quick Style Lithium Trimmer:

best men's beard trimmer below 1000 rupees to buy online in India

The Wahl 5604-024 is beauty, sophistication and efficiency all combined into one single trimmer.One more trimmer from Wahl brand that too with in the budget of 1000 rupees.

This trimmer is extremely convenient to use and can be rotated at different angles according to need.

Hair residue can be conveniently rinsed off. In the package, you will get a single AAA Li-Ion Battery along with a stubble guide comb.

Available at a very reasonable price, this trimmer is efficient, long-lasting and very reasonable.


#7.Agaro AG-MT-6014 Quick Style Beard Trimmer (Black):

top 7 best men's beard trimmer under 1000 rupees to buy online in India

This trimmer by Agaro is a very sleek and stylish device best suited for providing a quick and clean shave in less than a few minutes.

It is available in black colour and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The stainless steel blades are sharp and smooth and the plastic grip allows easy handling.

This is specifically a dry trimmer and you don’t need to use soap and water in order to use it. The battery provides uninterrupted performance for 40 minutes.


All these beard trimmers available at very attractive price and does the trimming work well.Pick one from the top 7 men’s beard trimmers list ,for cost less than 1000 rupees only.

If you could spend few hundred rupees more,even better options available

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