15 Top Shaving TIPS for Men

15 Top Shaving TIPS for Men

(Last Updated On: 15th September 2020)

Shaving is the key to styling for men. Unlike women their concept of fashion statement lies in their mane.  To help them enhance their style statement,here are some shaving tips for men.

When it comes to shaving, proper guide is needed so that they can properly do without hurting themselves like cutting, scratching or filling the face completely with nicks.

Top 15 shaving tips for Men:

Great tips for good shave for men

  1. Beard is needed to be adequately wet and cleaned so that, while shaving the blades don’t get struck.The hair absorbs 25-30% of water. Hair follicles and pores get opened due to this, making the hair strands weak. It’s better if the face is washed with warm water or the beard is given a close, warm cloth steam.
  1. Use a generous amount of shaving cream or shaving gel so that there is proper lather to avoid getting cuts. Let’s just face it, some work is best done with lubricants. Like hair needs oil, petroleum jelly for chapped lips and shaving cream for face.
  1. Choose among shaving cream, gel or foam – the one that suits your skin type the best. Oily, dry or sensitive skin demand different kinds of lubricant for shaving

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  1. Blades should be clean and sharp. Blunt blades not only leave the skin burning but also make it prone to infection and allergy.Smoothness of your shave also depends on your razor. The most important thing, how your beard will further grow also depends on this.
  1. Blades of your razor need to be clean and dry. After every shave, your blade needs cleaning and then put the cap on it.Choosing the proper razor that is best for you is crucial. Know your face shape and accordingly use your razor.
  1. A proper brush is needed to lather the gel or cream.This helps in raising your facial hair up and makes way for a better and cleaner shave.

        Quick tip: Try to buy brush made of badger’s hair. This is the only fiber that will carry water from the sink, up to your face to give you maximum lather.

  1. Proper grip is important. You should never hold the razor loose. When you press the blades with a certain amount to pressure against the skin, it can give you a cut. So the equation for a perfect shave is Firm grip + light strokes = great shave
  1. Use short but steady strokes. It is vital to use short strokes because longer strokes can develop a burning sensation.
  1. Know the direction of using razor on your skin:
  • Divide your face vertically into 2. Start from the sides first and with short upwards strokes reach to the part of your mustache.
  • Then again come back to the sides and with downward strokes reach to your jawline. Now the tricky part is shaving the jawline; so use your free hand to hold up your skin tight. Next area is from the neck to the jawline. Why is neck written before? Yes, it’s for the direction of your razor; start with your neck and go upwards to the jawline again.
  • Next will be your chin, use downward strokes to the line and then upward from the neck. Repeat the same with the other half of your face.
  1. Don’t shave in a hurry, take your time. Good things need to happen. While shaving, mirror is your best friend and start with small areas. It will take more effort but trust me; razor cuts are not cool to look at.
  1. Clean your face thoroughly with cold water. Cold water seals hair pores and openings which prevent from any irritation.
  1. After rinsing your face with cold water take a towel, dip it in cold water with few drops of tree oil, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil. They have an astringent property which acts like a natural antiseptic initiating soothing and healing effect.
  1. Aftershave is a must. Use some antiseptic Get depilatory cream that helps in dissolving the roots of your beard which sustain your clean shave looks for a longer period.
  1. Use Benzoyl peroxide. This soothes the razor bumps and nicks on your skin.
  1. Shaving should be done at regular interval. This will not only make you a pro at it, but the hair growth density also remains under check.

Enhance your shaving skill and experience now with all the above given tips. Have a happy shave day!

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